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Typically March is one of my favorite times of the year. You get the full gambit of seasons in one month: rain, snow, cold, warmth and the colors begin changing once again.

This March has been brutal, not weather wise but just in general.

We lost a good friend, and military blogger in Carroll LeFon AKA Neptunus Lex in 2012. My whole family was nearly killed in a car accident in the same year. My daughter has been plagued with one sick spell after another. The list goes on and on.

But in the end it is still the seasons, and just plain luck that goes wrong even though sometimes it is fate itself that has turned against us.

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I’ve had a theory for quite some time. A recent discussion with Boraz via Twitter reminded me of it once again.

My Microwave Burrito Theory

I’ve used this analogy quite a bit lately. In a recent paper regarding human interaction with technology I referenced it for college. I’ve mentioned it in comments countless times on other blogs.

I’ve never really put it in to a perspective that others could follow for posterity.

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I have to admit, that this rather interesting. Especially the power shifts.

Also how the population moves is fairly telling as well.

Furnished by US Government Census

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On my way to work the sun shined.

The smell of fresh cut hay wafted in to my truck over that of my coffee.

Passed a farm near my home where horses ran free.

And the sunrise this morning?

Just gorgeous.

I had a E-mail from someone I contacted yesterday in my Inbox with a whole lot of paperwork.

And I was happy about it.

Its not a big change and it’s not guaranteed.

But hell I gotta try. If you never swing you never get a hit.

I do not know  whether it was the E-mail I got, or the one I sent, or even the decision behind it all.

But today is a beautiful day.

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