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One More. Maybe

What I hope is my last trip of the year comes up shortly. Is supposed to be a short and sweet one, but it has the possibility of becoming a multi destination all week journey.

It’s back to Washington D.C. again, however I have to be honest I am not looking forward to the trip. As I get older I find I dislike large cities more and more. Where once I could tolerate them, and enjoy passing in to the lives of other for a brief wistful moment, find colour and joy in little things like leaves of trees on a city street or sidewalk cafe conversation…now it all just annoys me.

I’d rather be home, in the quiet, without the hustle, without the crowds and people. Man may be a social creature but i wasn’t part of the survey. My idea of social is a very small amount of freinds over a nice adult beverage talking about what have you. Not a cacophony of sirens, people, arguments, begging, lack of personal space, and degeneration of human civility.

I have lived in several large cities in my time, and travels. Seattle, Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas to name a few. Now I find myself wondering how the hell I ever did it.

I always take the last 2 to 3 weeks of the year off as vacation, and I am doing so again. Let the movers and shakers earn their keep, prove their worth, and value. I’ve spent over 110 days on the road this year, alone.

Me, I’d rather spend time with my family, and my dogs over a special holiday season.

Quote of the Day December 23, 2010: Holiday Edition

We’ll be taking a break for the foreseeable Holiday, like many other folks.

I’ll have some posts up to day (read 2 maybe 3 counting this one)

That said lets get some Christmas spirit and cheer going shall we?

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; that can transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!

~Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers, 1836

Given my like of things old, a rendition of Greensleeves (one of my favorite songs sometimes linked to the holidays), featuring clips from The Tudors and performed by Roger McGuinn formerly of The Byrds

From all of us here at Registered Evil, and our sister siteTechography, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

First trip to see Santa!

I wanted to post something for Christmas, as that is my holiday of choice for this time of year.  I could find nothing cooler to post than the first pictures my son (11 months old) had made with Santa!  So without further ado, here they are, Enjoy!

This is one of two professional photos taken by Santa's Staff....

This is the second professional picture.

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A Lil Something for my Daughter

Because she’s never heard Ray Stevens….and it is after all Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas songs

No More Christmas (Ghosts of Christmas Past)

(I wrote a similar story at Techography a number of years ago. Unfortunately the database back up does not have it so we presume it must have been lost when our then hosts Database crashed back in 2003. I have done my best to recreate the story here. Sadly memories fade over time, even a memory as strong as I feel mine is. I hope I did the original story justice as it was well received at the time.- BS)

Lloyd C. Bain. My Great grandfather. Taken around 1976

When I was a boy, my great grandfather took me to get a Christmas tree.

My mothers grandfather was a big man, even by todays standards. Standing over 6ft 8 inches tall, the former bulldozer driver was a product of the North Georgia Mountains and the Depression. He once frightened one of my mothers suiters so badly by merely shaking his hand the boy would not speak to her until after they graduated and she had moved out. That was almost 4 years later. I recall his hands being the size of a dinner plate nearly, and though I was very small at the time, compared to even most adults, including my own father he was a mountain of a man.

He lived in Blue Ridge Georgia, until that faithful day in 1988 when he left this world, at the age of 97. It took 8 men to carry his coffin. He was a lean, strong, sturdy rock of a man. I miss him dearly. He was my mothers hero, and mine as well at a young age.

Today when a person speaks of hunting a Christmas tree they go to a farm, where numerous trees are gathered and bound, cut and leaned against a fence.

At home we went walking in the woods, looking for a suitable evergreen, be it pine, cedar or even hemlock.

And so it was on this particular day, the season of the last Christmas I would spend with my great grandfather of whose name I bear as my own middle, he summoned me to his side for us to capture a tree for the family.

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Quote of the Day December 17, 2010: TGIF Edition

I have such poor vision I can date anybody.

Garry Shandling

It’s that time of the week, Friday! Finally we are ready to rock and roll on out the door!

It’s also that time of year where we need to think, give and celebrate life as well as our friends.

With that frame of mine how about a girl I have a lot of respect for as a musician, Lucy Kaplansky

You guys have a helluva good weekend, and give the first panhandler you see a buck. It will make you feel good, and besides, it’s Christmas.

Not Dead Yet

Yeah I know we have not posted much original material around here lately.

I promise I’m working on it. I have several items of conversation I’m researching for posts.

Such as a Homegrown Christmas story. Thoughts on the latest immigration and tax debacle. And a historical piece regarding Christmas on the Eastern Front. I have no idea what v00d3w has on the burner, I need to kick him out from under his rock. He’s been working from home lately, and I think it’s made him lazy :)

Unfortunately between in-laws being home during Thanksgiving, prepping for Christmas, Finals in College, my Boss going away for the remainder of the year, and our Holiday work load in the logistics industry spare time is something I have precious little of as of late.

I’m going to do my damnedest to get one of the aforementioned pieces finished over the weekend if I can.

Meanwhile do keep hanging around and keeping up with us.

We ain’t dead yet!

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