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Return of the Road Warrior

Think I’m growing feathers.

Was in Washington DC at the beginning of this week. I fly international Sunday. The following week I am back in Atlanta. Then I will either be back in DC or back International. It’s anyone’s guess. Either way keep an eye peeled on the Twitter and Tumblr accounts linked here on the main page as you may get a chance to see some cool places, cocktails and things in the coming days.

I’m trying to find time to wrap up my prospectus but it seems like everytime I sit down to work on it I either fall asleep or the phone rings. My intent right now is to spend some time finishing it on the plane this Sunday since I will be in the air about 13 hours.

Surely I can can get it and my references in to APA in that amount of time.

Otherwise the grind has been in full affect. I had my knee surgery last week, and of course in typical me form had to set off for DC at the start of this week. So I am limping along without any grace whatsoever, completeing the look of an overweight, broken American brought down by his size (although I actually injured the knee on the job). Oh, well.

Got to sit down and shoot the bull with my chair again this week which was good. Is also why I intend to spend Sunday running this thing down.

I start the first of my last 9000 series classes on Monday. I only have 5 of them in theory, but in practice I will be taking the 9000 series until my dissertation is done no matter if its 5 or 25. Granted I want it done in 5, the school wants it done in 5, so that means my already very busy year is about to get a whole lot busier.

Feast or famine around these parts.

Vols vs Bearcats: Week 2 Video

I won’t be able to watch the game this weekend. I have tickets to the Northwest Arkansas LPGA Championship

Critter has taken a liking to golf so she gets priority, even over my rampant fandom

2011 Season Opener Video

Long time readers know that I try to make video’s for every Tennessee game that I can

This year is no different. A big help in the work game from the fans at RockyTopTalk who gave suggestions for audio track!

BS Predictions: Ben Bartholomew

With a Internet handle like mine you get to have a little creative licensing on how you title articles. Especially when the article pertains to ones predictions on players for the up coming season.

Totally apropos of nothing, and with little to no technical background, knowledge, formal data or engineering ability I decided to rattle off what I consider to be the Five players whom I think will be our Zephyr‘s, or players who will work deep in hostile territory, create plays, and otherwise be the sleeper agents of our 2011 Tennessee Volunteers line up.

So come on! Drink the Dool-Aid! Kick back!  Grab a cold frosty  and join me as we embark upon the yellow brick road of fandom, as we take our third  of five trips towards my 2011 breakout player predictions.

At the end of the year we can compare my totally inane, and completely without any rhyme or reason for picking these guys against the experts and we can all point and laugh at me together.


Ben is a big ol’ boy. 

There just ain’t no denying that at 6ft 2inches and 251 lbs he’s a fella you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

But his accomplishments list like a resume of good ol fashion grid iron proportions.

Lets take a look at’em shall we?

  • Third Generation Vol
  • He throws shot put (Why’s this important? Have you SEEN a shot put? Substitute “shot put” for “Skull in a Helmet” and go from there.)
  • Won the 2007 Shut Put Championship (Please see above)
  • 2007 Wrestling Champion


So the question is Can he catch and carry a football?

Well if his high school days are any indicator, yes, he can.

  • Rushed for career high 162 yards in 2007 season opener against Antioch
  • Lead blocker for pair of 1,000-yard rushers and carried ball 57 times for 406 yards as senior
  • Also caught 13 passes for 145 yards and two touchdowns
  • As senior, had more than 100 tackles
  • Tallied 19 tackles for loss, six sacks and three forced fumbles as junior in 2006


With Luke Stocker gone from the backfield this is going to be Ben’s chance to step up and make something beautiful happen.

I think he has the tools, I think he has the talent. The only thing in his way? Mychal Rivera.

Look for Batholomew to compete for this role, and I won’t be surprised to see him on several plays. When he does I expect big things out of him, start or not.

BS Predictions: Brent Brewer

Originally posted at Rocky Top Talk!

With a Internet handle like mine you get to have a little creative licensing on how you title articles. Especially when the article pertains to ones predictions on players for the up coming season.

Totally apropos of nothing, and with little to no technical background, knowledge, formal data or engineering ability I decided to rattle off what I consider to be the Five players whom I think will be our Zephyr‘s, or players who will work deep in hostile territory, create plays, and otherwise be the sleeper agents of our 2011 Tennessee Volunteers line up.

So come on! Drink the Dool-Aid! Kick back! If you missed my first prediction you can check it out here. Grab a cold frosty  and join me as we embark upon the yellow brick road of fandom, as we take our second of five trips towards my 2011 breakout player predictions.

At the end of the year we can compare my totally inane, and completely without any rhyme or reason for picking these guys against the experts and we can all point and laugh at me together.

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It’s (Almost) Football Time in Tennessee

The heat is unbearable. Dry heat my ass.
Over 100 today and more to come this week.

But it’s July. Next month is August. It’s almost time. My heart beats faster just thinking about it.

As Volunteers, we have struggled this past year. Our last seasons have been anything but story book. Dooley however, has indeed made a difference, and I think anyone who bleeds orange and white can agree with that.

It’s been a tough time being a Vol lately.

Basketball program on the rebound. Our Athletic Director gone. It’s not been easy and it seems like the hits just kept coming.

But here’s a thought
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Tennessee vs Georgia 2010 Motivational Vid

Kept this one short, Sweet and to the point!



Tennessee versus Georgia Wrap Up: 2009

(I wrote this October of Last year. Because I was working in Tennessee I got to attend the game. It was a sight to behold and a tromping unlike anything I had witnessed first hand before. What was originally supposed to have been a good game turned in to a 45 to 19 trouncing that was almost painful to watch. With Georgia barely squeezing out 240 yards the Volunteers overpowered them at 471 , 310 of which were passing as before our eyes we watched “Jonathon @!#$%^& Crompton” become “$%^&* Jonathon Crompton!?”. Enjoy!)

I got to Knoxville Friday around 18:00. Got checked in to my hotel and unpacked ready to rock and roll.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am I immediately headed for Cumberland.

The Cal Ecker Band was the live venue of the night and they rocked, absolutely rocked. I bet they played Rocky Top a half dozen time in the almost 8 hours I was in the club, with the entire room screaming the song at the tops of their lungs.

Best shirt of the night!

I partied out at The Tin Roof until about 15 till 3 am. I was pumped, tired, blitzed and psyched all at once. (I have since learned that there is a Tin Roof in Nashville, which means at some point I may have to check it out) I wandered back to my truck and drug my exhausted carcass in to my hotel room at about 03:30.


<-The best damn shirt of the night!


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Tenn vs LSU: I hate it when I’m Right

I’ve said I do not like LSU.

I said that they have a uncanny ability to snatch victory from us at the last second. That every time we are ahead they manage to show up and smack our hands out of the cookie jar.

Saturday was no different.
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For Profit Education – A First Hand Experience

The other day I reprinted an article regarding my going to a for profit university.

Given that for profit education is going under fire today via a senate hearing I thought it appropriate to write this now.
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Choose Wisely – Online Education

(I first wrote this on August 21, of 2008 at Techography.. For some folks it may be very useful. For others, maybe not so much. Most of what I wrote here I still agree with. The numbers are no longer accurate, and I am in fact pursuing my Bachelors currently. Some of this however…not so much. But I’ll write about that later this week if I get time. -BS)

One thing I was concerned about when I started back to school was accreditation.And as recent News Reports show, its a serious issue.

The very first school I went to, after High School, was North Metro Technical Institute, now called North Metro Technical College. At that time they were unaccredited. They have since became so, is my understanding. But essentially what I learned there does me no good because the education I received was unaccredited at the time. Hence when I went back to school for the second time, I chose a college that I knew for a cold stone fact was accredited: University of Tennessee.

While I would have dearly loved to have graduated from there, the military didn’t let that happen.

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Tennessee versus Florida Motivator

Who cares if we’ve lost 5 in a row to them?

Who cares if we don’t have Eric Berry anymore, the only player who could physically cause Tim Tebow to wet himself?

Who cares if we are in a rebuilding year?

It’s frickin Florida. The only team we hate almost as much as Ala-Damn-Bama. They are the antimatter for everything we stand for. They are like East Coast hippies.

They wear jorts. Sandles. Only thing missing is more tie dye shirts and patchulli.

So with that in mind, lets get our blood pumping. So what if there was a oil spill in that general vicinity a few months ago? I’m craving boiled gator!


Game Day Traditions: The Season Begins

The season starts today for my fellow Vols fans. It started yesterday for others, and today for some but today is specifically for people like me, and V00d3w and my close friend OfficerT, a rabid Arkansas fan.

Today is the first day our traditions have seen the light of day since last year. It is a special day. Rivalries are revived. Old arguments are renewed. Old friendships rekindled. As the days grow shorter, the weather cooler, and the wind holds a bit of a scent of winter in the air, these are the days when it all changes not just our programming, or our weather, but our lifestyle; at least one day per week.

Morning Breaks by the Spite Family Wilderness Retreat here in Southwest Missouri

Here at The Spite Family Wilderness Retreat we have many Game Day traditions.

I, and others, were recently asked if we were superstitious. Foolish I admitted I am to a point.

But those superstitions are based in my traditions. Those superstitions can be fun, especially if you have your friends involved.

It becomes fun for friends to ask about Volunteer Sunrise, your personal blend of coffee on Game Day morning while preparations are underway. It becomes fun when your friends want to get involved in creating a tradition, or if they want to perhaps modify your own such as an ingredient suggestion.

It becomes fun, as each Saturday becomes a rhythm with your family, friends, times they arrive, things that are done. Kids anticipate your wife or girlfriends brownies. Guys gather around the beer cooler as open flame is lit. The ladies laugh at their husbands as they set paper plates, and call out scores to each inquiry from the grill.

Its not just about superstition, it’s about traditions. Those traditions that lend a kind of stability to your life when it seems all else is going out of control. A day to look forward too each week, when at least 5 of them you feel you could do without. A small point of happiness, family, friendship, and a kind of explosive peace as the whistle blows and shouts are made at referee’s. Those traditions that can last a lifetime as your kids pass them on, or who ask you when the next football game is.

My day was made when my daughter spotted an orange at the grocery store at age 3 and asked “Daddy, are those from Tennessee?”. Because of the color.

These are the days that make life special, and those traditions, those superstitions only add flavor to its length.

Were everyday like this.

Go Vols

Quote of the Day, September 3rd, 2010: TGIF Edition



What more can ya ask for?!

Ok how about yer daily quote?

Baseball is what we were, football is what we have become.

- Mary McGrory

Yer music video?

Some Eye Candy?

Oh wait not what you were looking for? Hang on I’ll take the sting out

Texas Longhorns Cheerleaders

Rock on brothers and sisters! I’m picking up some bratwurst for the weekend tonight!

“Ask me about my wiener”!

This is what "deep thought" looks like.

This is what "deep thought" looks like.

As much as I love UGA, its getting hard to say that I support this team.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a die-hard fan, but the latest news out of Athens has me wondering.

1)  WTF were the 4 alleged players doing with bratwurst at 2:00am…

2)  Where did said bratwurst come from…

3)  What are the college students doing with a sex swing in their dorm…

4)  Why would you “threaten” someone with a sex swing…


Here is the link to the actual police report that has the actual account of the incedent.  Wait, I have one more question:


5)  Why didn’t the “victims” ask the taxi driver to stop???


"Don't slap me, I just want a little bite!"

"Don't slap me, I just want a little bite!"



UGA QB Update

Who’s leading UGA QB derby?

No one knows right now, but Saturday’s closed scrimmage might help answer question.



ATHENS –- Each day, Georgia’s quarterbacks meet with their position coach, Mike Bobo. One topic never comes up in those meetings: a pecking order among the three quarterbacks competing this spring to be the Bulldogs’ starter.

“Coach Bobo really isn’t telling anybody, ‘You stand here,’ ‘You stand here,’” Logan Gray said.

“No, Coach Bobo hasn’t said anything, him or Coach Richt,” Aaron Murray said.

The three quarterbacks -– Gray, Murray and Zach Mettenberger –- have evenly shared snaps with the first-team offense in the seven sessions of spring practice so far. And they will do so Saturday morning when the team holds a closed scrimmage in Sanford Stadium, undoubtedly the most important day yet in their competition.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Murray said. “Coach Richt was talking [Thursday] after practice that this is going to be the first test for everyone, to see where everyone is at, to see what we have learned, to see where we have come after two weeks of practice.”

The scrimmage will be Georgia’s first of three allowed by the NCAA during spring practice.

“This is my third spring, so obviously I’ve found out scrimmages in the spring are what are judged probably the most and the biggest,” Gray said. “With this being our first one, and with the quarterback competition going on how it is right now, obviously it’s going to be really important.

“But I don’t want to make it the end of the world,” Gray added. “If one of us has a not-so-good day, I don’t think that’s just going to kill us, or put somebody out of what’s going on. But I think everybody is going to be excited to go out there and go live for a long period of time and make plays at all positions.”

Gray’s view of the competition so far is that all three quarterbacks have had “really good days” and “days there could be improvement.”

He said the quarterbacks have focused on day-to-day progress, rather than fretting the high-profile competition.

“We’re just all three of us trying to get better and correct the mistakes we’re making,” he said. “I think all of us have done a good job of trying to come out and work hard every day and take care of our business.”

For his part, Gray believes he has improved his passing accuracy.

“I felt like I’ve had some really good days where I’ve been hitting my targets better maybe than I did in the past,” he said. “I just have to keep on running the offense on a consistent basis so the coaches know every single time I’m in the huddle hopefully something good can happen.”


Wow, what a concept, have 3 of your QB’s actually compete for the top spot instead of just chosing one due to the fact that he is the Senior, hence the messed up season last year.  Maybe something finally hit Mark Richt in the head, and got him thinking clearly about how to run a football team.  I can see it now: 

{ begin dream sequence…….

   *blam!*…. whoah, what just nailed me in the head….wait a sec – I’m havin’ a vision —– I should let the best players on the team be in the First String, wow, it all makes sense now, It doesn’t matter if he is a senior or not, I should just let the best player start!   Better yet, I should have a competition to weed out the weak, and let the strongest prevail!!! 

end dream sequence. }

Well, with all that said,    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!




The Fulmer Cup has gone far, far too long without an update. The Big Board is brought to you shiny and updated courtesy of Brian, whom you may recall as the man whose genitals are huge enough to recall the enormous donkey-rope of Reggie Nelson himself. Tabulations and justifications follow.fulmercup_medium

Tempted by legions

He that is busy is tempted by but one devil; he that is idle, by a legion. Thomas Fuller

My Bachelors program is going pretty well. However I must confess the program itself is a tad frustrating.

You see in every class we are assigned to perform work and assignments in teams. You have individual work on top of this.

The individual work I have no problem with.  The team work I have had has not been…inspiring.

My first team went ok. We had one individual who participated about half the time. of our four team assignments she did two of them and basically did nothing the last two. She apparently passed because she is in my current class. I have no clue how.

My current team has been a nightmare.

I went through in advance and posted a topic for every assignment we had coming up through out the course. that way the team could discuss them as a group and get to work early.

That failed miserably.

For example out final project is due Saturday. The post has been open since the middle of February.

I have been the only person posting in that forum. I even went so far to post a note that said “Uhm, hello?”

Now thats not to say the team does not work. For the last 3 weeks I developed a simple method.

I call it the “Screw-you-people-I-aint-gonna-fail” method of leadership.

Every Wednesday I effectively say screw it, and assign everyone a topic, how many pages they have to write, what I expect, and when it needs to be turned in to me.

This method has worked very well.

Save for one individual.

Whom has not turned in a single group assignment since we started.

What makes it bad is, the individual will send me text messages saying they are working on it.

They will continue to post in the forum, and to send me text messages 2 days after the assignment was due that they are working on it.

This week is our finals week.

All week I have waited for the group to participate. Once again I used my screwit methodology and executed a note with assignments.

This time however I placed a side note.

I need everyone’s parts by no later than 08:00 Saturday Central Time.
On that note, twice now I have done someone else’s work, so the team would not suffer.

If your work is not turned in with the rest of the teams your name will not be included on the final project paper!

Vicious? Probably.

Tactful? Probably not.

Do I care? Not really.

However, if I see the individual in another class I have decided 2 things.

  1. My MBA will be pursued elsewhere. and
  2. I will refuse to work in a team with the individual in question.

So much for higher learning being the path of adults, heh.

Each time she fails to complete her assignment, I end up doing the work for her. Not because I want her to pass. But because I do not want the rest of the team to fail because of her laziness. So in effect I am doing my school work and half of hers.

Help me out here.

If your paying for this, why in the hell would you sluff your work? I mean seriously? Am I the only one who doesn’t have 20 grand a year to blow just to hang out in a online education system and not get my education?

My goal is at least within sight.So that helps.

One more year and I can transfer back to where it all started.

Radio Intercepts

Basically your privacy is someone else's commodity. And you aren't getting paid for it.

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