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Going Main Stream: Rocky Top Tennnessee The Magazine

So this is a little self advertisement to folks who I thought may and or may not be interested. A magazine that I helped found, and that I’ve been working with for the last year is finally going to print. Pre-orders are now available.

I’m not asking everyone to run out and buy it (although I won’t lie that would be awesome) but pass the word if you would be so kind to folks, and let them know that our magazine is out there and is available to those whom would be interested.

We have put a lot of time and work in to it, and while the subject matter may not be something that everyone I know enjoys I figure at least a handful of ya’ll might be interested (College Football). Here are some of the magazines features:

  • 116 full color pages of nothing but the Vols.
  • 99.9% ad-free.
  • Written by Vol fans for Vol fans.
  • Available as a print version, a Kindle version, and a download-able e-book.
  • Stories written by yours truly and many others


The print version is available for pre-order here

If you are one of the many folks who prefer to have digital format, we will be on for PDF and Kindle systems.

If you’re local and you actually think it might be worth while I’ll even sign the durn thing for you. Who knows maybe I can become the next Bill Simmons (doubtful, but a guy can dream can’t he?)

Meanwhile I appreciate your help, I hope everyone is doing well and if you do decide to buy the magazine I hope you find it enjoyable!

My thanks to Joel , and the rest of the guys at RockyTopTalk for giving me the invitation to participate in this dream opportunity!

And as Time Life used to say: read the book!-order here



BS Predictions: Zach Rogers

Originally posted at Rocky Top Talk!

With a Internet handle like mine you get to have a little creative licensing on how you title articles. Especially when the article pertains to ones predictions on players for the up coming season.

Totally apropos of nothing, and with little to no technical background, knowledge, formal data or engineering ability I decided to rattle off what I consider to be the Five players whom I think will be our Zephyr‘s, or players who will work deep in hostile territory, create plays, and otherwise be the sleeper agents of our 2011 Tennessee Volunteers line up.

So come on! Drink the Dool-Aid! Kick back! Grab a cold frosty  and join me as we embark upon the yellow brick road of fandom, as we take our first of five trips towards my 2011 breakout player predictions.

At the end of the year we can compare my totally inane, and completely without any rhyme or reason for picking these guys against the experts and we can all point and laugh at me together.

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Tennessee Volunteers: Nostros Loco!

Going off the rails on the crazy train...

Thanks to danmarcel of Rocky Top Talk for the GIF!

Two games.

Over 50 points a game.

Absolutely crazy given the utter tromping we have taken from such opponents as Oregon, and Georgia just to name a few.
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Volunteers 2010: The Junction Boys

It just works, dammit

If you have ever seen the ESPN movie The Junction Boys, or read the history of the event, or even the book, then you probably already have an idea of where I am heading with this.

If not, then let me try to lay it out, fellow fans, because this has been on my mind all morning.
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Tenn vs Georgia: The Countdown Begins

Here it is folks. The moment we have all be waiting for. Who will sing what? Will I end up singing Glory Glory? Or will v00d3w have to cough up a version of Rocky Top? In just a few hours, the answer will be known.

When I did my first video yesterday I wasn’t really satisfied with it.

While I am far from being the Ridley Scott of Internet video’s, I do take some pride in my work, and I want it to be at least semi enjoyable to watch. It is hard to come up with video’s however when most of your clips are having to be used over and over. Contrary to popular belief there is not a wealth of footage thats usable. Once you convert it loses some of the image, when when it gets converted again it loses so more, and it doesn’t take long to become a blur instead of a nice crisp video.

That said, I felt I had to do a better job on the video. The first one, just was not up to par with what I wanted.

So here is the new video, and I hope a good improvement upon the last.

Side note if anyone has some video footage from Tennessee games they would like to share, please drop me a line at staff -at-


Georgia Motivators

Given the amount of material I have posted here effectively bashing Georgia football, I thought Georgia Fans might be feeling a trifle under the weather.

I thought I would be nice and try to make it up to them with some motivational posters to help them with the upcoming game against my beloved Vols.

Keep Reading!
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Tennessee Drive

Look Out Dawg!...Comin' Through!

Tennessee Owns Georgia

Nuff Said.

IM’s from the Edge

For a long time at Techography we ran a segment called IM’s From the Edge. A Play on the movie Postcards from the Edge.

In that case we took IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

In this instance however v00d3w has crossed the line.

In Tennessee tradition I have remained civil, polite even. Such is the spirit of a gentleman’s wager.

Then today happened.

v00d3w(8:26:28 AM): btw
(8:26:41 AM): are you gettin yer singin voice ready?
bloodspite (8:28:48 AM): You really don’t want me to stop being polite on the website do you? -.-
v00d3w (8:28:54 AM): lmao
bloodspite (8:29:04 AM): I mean I did put up a nice unbiased post today. Which is rare for me
v00d3w (8:29:07 AM): polite is for women :-)

The gloves come off my friends. At least for this weekend.

After All….

This is SEC!
This is SEC…

History in the Making: Dog Fight.

104 years.

That’s how long it’s been since these two former SEC Goliath’s have faced each other with both teams holding losing records. The last time was in 1906.

v00d3w and I struggled to decide what to call this week. We settled on Civil War. Not only because he and I are rooting for the opposing teams, but because Derrick Dooley, the current Tennessee football coach, is the son of Legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley.
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Beat LSU!

I don’t have a new video today. Life has intervened muchly these past 2 weeks.

It doesn’t help that I am having a devil of a time converting FLV to usable WMV files.

Finals aren’t helping.

I will try to do better next week, honest.

In the mean time GO VOLS!

Tennessee versus Florida Motivator

Who cares if we’ve lost 5 in a row to them?

Who cares if we don’t have Eric Berry anymore, the only player who could physically cause Tim Tebow to wet himself?

Who cares if we are in a rebuilding year?

It’s frickin Florida. The only team we hate almost as much as Ala-Damn-Bama. They are the antimatter for everything we stand for. They are like East Coast hippies.

They wear jorts. Sandles. Only thing missing is more tie dye shirts and patchulli.

So with that in mind, lets get our blood pumping. So what if there was a oil spill in that general vicinity a few months ago? I’m craving boiled gator!


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