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Claire McCaskill: Message recieved but I still don’t care.

Claire McCaskill told the voters of Missouri regarding Proposition C “Message received.”

However in the same breath she essentially chucked the message in to the garbage bin at her desk saying

“….I appreciate the fact that voters are sending a message. It doesn’t really, …… have any impact on the law itself; but it is a message,…I have to work very hard at making sure that Missourians understand all the positives things that are in the bill. As time goes on they will realize that. …”

So what if it sucks? Learn to like it!

So what McCaskill is saying is, I don’t really care what you voters think, your going to “Learn to Like it.”

After helping to screw it up and ignoring the very people she represents, now she essentially acknowledges she ignored them….and…doesn’t care.

Get ready sports fans: The Democratic National Committee’s new Slogan for 2010?

“Learn to Like it.”

You don’t like it? Too bad.

Suck it up. Like it.

You think  its wrong? Too bad. Like it.

Think we Tax you too much? Learn to Like it.

So was elitist, irrational dictatorship the change you were looking for? No.

Learn to like it.

Wall Street reform? And this guy is gonna do it?

Obama reasoning on Wall Street Reform:

” … we also have basic rules of the road in place to make sure that investors, consumers, shareholders, the economy as a whole are protected against excess. Are protected against wild gambles that are taken– purely– because it’s– it’s good for some body’s– year-end bonus. As opposed to because there’s some economic function that actually– contributes to society as a whole.”

I love the way this guy speaks, he’s like a black William Shatner!  ” We’ve — got to — reform — Wall Street before — the rich get — any — richer — and they make — too much ——— profit for thier — hard work and ——- knowledge of the market ”  This radical socialist president WILL NOT STOP until the whole country is controlled by the Government, and folks – It scares the hell out of me.  What if we get so far in that no one can save the simple Liberties of the American people, and if you think this is not serious, think again.

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®Evil News: Politicians – Georgia Edition

Today’s politician: John Oxendine

Headline: Oxedine Says “No” to Insurance Pool

 ATLANTA (AP) Georgia’s insurance commissioner says he won’t move forward with state participation in the first phase of a new federal health care plan, even though it could bring federal grants to the state.

Whats this?  Is someone standing up for the rights of Georgians?  Well, its about time.  I was wondering when my great state of Georgia was going to join the fight against this unconstitutional health care BS.  Whats more, the commissioner isn’t even worried about the $5 billion in federal grant money that he is turning down by opposing this insurance pool.  I would hope more Georgia politicians would follow suit and not be taken in by the non-stop lowlife bribery that is currently running rampant in this so called government.  I thought that the folks on capitol hill were supposed to look out for the best interest of its people, and not when the next kickback or grant was coming.




Theres always someone crying “racism”. *Waaaah!*

This may be a little “racy” If you are a free thinker, and aren’t scared of my opinion on the subject, then read on.  If you are afraid of being offended, then go away :)  -v00d3W

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®Evil News: Politicians

Today’s politician: Patty Murray

Headline: Man arrested for threatening Democratic Sen. Patty Murray over health care reform


WASHINGTON – A man enraged over health care reform was busted by the FBI Tuesday for threatening to gun down Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who supported the controversial legislation.

“I hope you realize there’s a target on your back now,” Charles Wilsonof Selah, Wash., told his home state senator in a threatening voicemail left at her office late last month after the sweeping health care bill passed.

Federal prosecutors transcribed 16 profanity-laced calls Wilson, 63, allegedly made after-hours to Murray’s offices from March 22 through Easter Sunday.

Well, you know what they say, don’t piss off the voting public when they have aright to bear arms.  In my opinion, guns should be used to protect yourself from attacking enemies, and the politico’s that voted for health care reform could fall into that category.   <—- of course this is only opinion, and I am in no way justifying assassination of anyone.




Can I have 17 minutes of your time, Mr. Obama?

I love this title“The Great Elaborator”.  This weekend the president held a Q&A session with some workers at a factory in NC, and was asked a simple question, in which he rambled on, and made impressive lists, (as he is well known for his list making), and pretty much had, what I will be referring to as “story time”.  Any chance he gets to exercise his bolstering “charisma” its always a good comedy in my eyes, I popped the popcorn, and listened “attentively” while he rambled.  What the hell, there was nothing else on anyway.

Here is the full story.




®Evil News: Politicians

Todays politician: Sarah Palin

Headline: ‘Real American Stories’

 *Mar 30 - 00:10*


I think this should have happened yesterday, because this has surely got to be a joke.  Isn’t it enough that we have to see this looney toon on the news, and screwing up the American freedom in the headlines, now she is trying to host TV shows?  This shows just how much the TV producers are grabbing at straws to try and entertain the general public, the show she should be hosting is called “Who Wants to Deprive the American People”.


***This Just In!***

[Reviews Are In for Sarah Palin’s “Real American Stories”: Snore, Baby, Snore]  

***This Just In!***



Baby Killers…..literally….

Language warning applies to all Primal Redneck Urging Posts. If you are sensitive to such I suggest you quit now while your ahead. -vd

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And right at the buzzer…..

Georgia Governor Will Appoint ‘Special Attorney General’ to Sue Over Health Care

Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, a Democrat, has refused to file an anti-health care mandate lawsuit, and called other AGs’ decisions to do so “political gamesmanship.” Undaunted — and, of course, very concerned about the rule of law — Gov. Sonny Perdue (R-Ga.) is appointing a “special attorney general” to sue the federal government anyway.

The governor said the state constitution gives him the leeway to appoint a special attorney general if the elected attorney general fails to carry out the wishes of the governor… When asked if Baker broke the law by refusing to carry out his instructions to initiate a lawsuit, the governor said,  “I think the (state) Constitution is is clear. I think the people of Georgia can make their own determination about that.”

Perdue’s referring to the voters, I think — Baker is running for governor — but that’s really something to accuse your attorney general of.

I was wondering when the great state of Georgia was gonna get off the side lines, and actually compete in this thing, and we finally have.  Lets just hope we have some success, because lets face it, all the poles I have seen have the general public opposing this thing, and we deserve to be represented. 

Good job Govna’




Would You Loan this Government Money?

Grim ask’s an excellent question.

Pretty symbolic that the US lost its AAA bond rating in the same news cycle as the passage of this beast, eh? Would you loan this government money?

The beast he refers to, is of course the Health Care Act.

How long before people start paying attention to the rampant money spending thats going on in this administration?

How much Apathy can one country really have?

Other countries are telling us to slow down on the literal sieve of expenditure we have created in the last 6 months.

But the American populace can’t be bothered. They might miss Dancing with the Stars.

As Grim said the brakes have come off. But if we don’t get the brakes on ridiculously fast, the next reality show Chinese Americans will be watching to escape reality is Former United States of America in World Bankruptcy Court.

And no it won’t be on You Tube.  It will be censored by our new owners who bought us one piece at a time.

UPDATE: National Review points out more or less the same thing

The government is broke. The Obama administration has spent all the money. The government is already borrowing at a rate that is unsustainable, to fund the obligations it has already undertaken.

Our national debt has doubled.

Thanks to this Administration my daughter is 5 years old, and is already $74,000 in debt.

Quote of the Day: March 22, 2010

We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.

C. S. Lewis

I find this fitting considering yesterday. More on that later tonight as I have time.BS

Nancy Pelosi might be too evil, even for us….


Well, well, well, those demacraps are mighty sneaky….


This morning I got some very bad news: Apparently the democrats with their fearless leader Nancy Pelosi are trying to sneak Obamacare into law without a formal vote, and since the bill passed in the Budget Committee, I fear it just might happen.  Here is how it works:

A reconciliation instruction (Budget Reconciliation) is a provision in a budget resolution directing one or more committees to submit legislation changing existing law in order to bring spending, revenues, or the debt-limit into conformity with the budget resolution. The instructions specify the committees to which they apply, indicate the appropriate dollar changes to be achieved, and usually provide a deadline by which the legislation is to be reported or submitted.

A reconciliation bill is one containing changes in law recommended pursuant to reconciliation instructions in a budget resolution. If the instructions pertain to only one committee in a chamber, that committee reports the reconciliation bill. If the instructions pertain to more than one committee, the House Budget Committee reports an omnibus reconciliation bill, but it may not make substantive changes in the recommendations of the other committees.


This says it all....

Pelosi believes, according to this round table, that passing this health care bill is going to set the stage for a long-term debate with Republicans over the proper role of government in our lives. She believes that passing this bill will give Democrats a tool to use in order to draw a sharp ideological contrast between Republicans and Democrats. Pelosi says that passing this bill will allow for the debate over “what is the balanced role that government should have.” She says, “We have to take it to the American people, to say, this is the choice that you have … This is the vision that they have for your health and well being, and this is the vision that we have.”

She looks like a normal human...

She looks like a normal human...

Hmmmm....Maybe not.....

Hmmmm....Maybe not.....

So, heres the thing:  Maybe this bill is just what the merican people need, and maybe it’s not.  Whichever way you believe, here is a cold, hard fact for you people – Seeing the trouble, and the bribing, and the constant badgering of senators, not to mention the failed attempts, and the trickery going on, if this bill was what the American people wanted – would it be this hard to actually get it passed? 
This is another wake up call folks, do we really want more government control?  Do we really want the government telling us when and where we can see a doctor? Do we really want to be told which coverage we can get, or do we want less control?  Do we want Freedom of Choice when it comes to our health care? 
Recently one of the Premiers of Canada opted out of using the so called “free health care” and travelled to Florida to have his heart surgery done….If this was such a good system, why did he leave??  
The last time I checked, our soldiers have been living and dying for this country and our Freedom, Freedom that is being taken away from us with this monstrosity called Socialized Medicine.  We are not Socialists, its time to take our country back from the likes of Pelosi, and others who would like to see this country of Free Matket Enterprise turned to a Socialist economy….The Time to Stand up and be Heard is NOW!
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