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It’s Almost Here!

Ooops! Video fixed! – BS

Video courtesy of Matty O’Blackfive

Holiday courtesy of Irish men and women everywhere.

IM’s from the Edge March 2, 2011

Welcome to our irregular annual post of nonsense.

In this case we take IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

Here’s today’s random moment
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Lets Review, for the slow ones in class

This is your brain.

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Military Motivator Monday January 24, 2011

IM’s From the Edge… 1-6-2011

New year, New comedy…the best stuff is UNscripted…

v00d3w: lemme ask ya
v00d3w: what does “well done” in terms of food mean to you?

bloodspite: Well done?

v00d3w: yea

bloodspite: Charcoal brick

v00d3w: but no pink right

bloodspite: Pink, your lucky if its still meat

v00d3w: heh

bloodspite: More like a rock

v00d3w: well aparently to the cooks at the cafe here, it means hard black crispy meat shell with pink in the middle

bloodspite: I never order well done
bloodspite: I like my food rare

v00d3w: hate rare

bloodspite: I like my steak where a good skilled veternarian has a high chance of bringing it back to life

v00d3w: so in other words, not hot from the grill, hot from just bein killed

bloodspite: Pretty much.

v00d3w: thats bad

bloodspite: That is perfect


Damn you Apple!

I don’t care how much you want to rule the world Steve Jobs

I don’t care how many things you run around branding with you friggin worm eaten fruit logo

All men will rise against you should you brand these!
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IM’s from the Edge: November 8, 2010

v00d3W:    *pant *pant *
need air

bloodspite:    no pic of her?

v00d3W:     >.>
no not that kind of pant,

bloodspite:    oh

v00d3W:     the out of breath, need air, too much work strangeling the life out of my beaten and battered brain…pant

bloodspite :    Oh

bloodspite:    I thought that was a damn shes smoin hot cant believe shes real in my office I need sexual healing right now baby call the paramedics are you a nurse darlin pant

v00d3W:    lmao

IM’s from the Edge: October 29, 2010

bloodspite:  Apparently in 1 hour or so?

My office will be filled with children of all ages

v00d3w:  they are starting to show up here too

bloodspite: All i have on my desk is my travel humidor

v00d3w:   ? oh, you need candy huh

bloodspite:   Well

Its either that
Or I’m gonna be on the news

v00d3w:   <.<

bloodspite:    As 6 year olds walk out of the Playground company puffing on La Gloria Cubanos

v00d3w:  lmao
that’d actually be funny to see

bloodspite: I’m sure their parents would be pleased

v00d3w:   but isnt it all about the kids?

Ala-damn-bama Jokes

You gotta have’em.

Anyone living in Georgia has a million them.

Like the infamous Alabama-Georgia border war. Alabama threw a bunch of grenades over the state line. We pulled the pins and threw’em back.

Here’s a few I’ve collected over the years. Fair warning, some of’em ain’t exactly politically correct :)

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Twilight meets Blade

Now that would be a movie I would watch. Happily. Over and Over.

Of course my wife will kill me when she see’s this.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

Twilight did for Vampires what Brokeback Mountain did for Cowboys.

H/t Harvey

IM’s from the Edge: October 11th

Welcome to our irregular annual post of nonsense.

For a long time at Techography we ran a segment called IM’s From the Edge. A Play on the movie Postcards from the Edge.

In that case we took IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

Here’s today’s random moment

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Georgia Motivators

Given the amount of material I have posted here effectively bashing Georgia football, I thought Georgia Fans might be feeling a trifle under the weather.

I thought I would be nice and try to make it up to them with some motivational posters to help them with the upcoming game against my beloved Vols.

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IM’s from the Edge

For a long time at Techography we ran a segment called IM’s From the Edge. A Play on the movie Postcards from the Edge.

In that case we took IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

In this instance however v00d3w has crossed the line.

In Tennessee tradition I have remained civil, polite even. Such is the spirit of a gentleman’s wager.

Then today happened.

v00d3w(8:26:28 AM): btw
(8:26:41 AM): are you gettin yer singin voice ready?
bloodspite (8:28:48 AM): You really don’t want me to stop being polite on the website do you? -.-
v00d3w (8:28:54 AM): lmao
bloodspite (8:29:04 AM): I mean I did put up a nice unbiased post today. Which is rare for me
v00d3w (8:29:07 AM): polite is for women :-)

The gloves come off my friends. At least for this weekend.

After All….

This is SEC!
This is SEC…



It’s like that.

The Soda Pop Argument

Recently a friend of mine while visiting Pennsylvania noted that everyone had southern accents on his Facebook. A friend of his inquired if they said soda or pop.

I am from the South. Not the fake south like Arkansas which is far enough North that they see snow, or the wannabe South like Missouri (thought I live there) who couldn’t make up their minds during the War of Northern Aggression, but the tried and true South, almost as deep as you can go in the hills of north Georgia, where to this day moonshine still flows and haints still walk at night along crick sides remembering cannonballs and the smell of powder.

I’ve lived in the North and the Pacific North West.

Everywhere I go I have heard the argument.
“In the south they say Soda and up here we say Pop.”

It is time that an expert traveler, and after 32 states and 16 countries I consider myself such, attempts to set the record straight.

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Stepped in what…?


Sure did.

But what exactly was it?


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Well, Duh!

I first wrote this back in March of 2005 at Since I’m being a complete bum this week and posting a lot of my old stuff from Techo on here, I figured i might as well throw this one on the burner as well. Enjoy! – BS

As many know I am a history buff. That love of history also applies to the wild and zany.You learn lots of really important things through this type of self education. Like Don’t Kiss a Rattle snake.

Seem’s pretty simple right? We are a world of extremely inteligent people. Or perhaps we are merely a world of extremely self congratulatory people. Just for fun I thought I would cover some serious “Well Duh”s” that have occured in the last century or so, and then you can try to answer the question your self.\Are we really the most intellegent race on the planet? Or just the most self centered?


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The Devil in the Chain E-mail

/sigh I love my mother.  Nevertheless,  she has no concept of Email etiquette
My Mother in law has myself and my mother on her E-mail chain list. Its a conversation to itself how many I delete, nonetheless we are both on it.
However, every time my MIL sends an E-mail invariably my mother will forward me the exact same E-mail within minutes So instead of getting just one crappy chain E-mail I get two.

Which means instead of 12 a day I get 24

Take it a step further
My step mother is also on this E-mail chain list

And she too invariably sends me the same e-mail.  So I end up getting it three times

I have broached it to my mother and step mother to please look and see who it was sent too

For a while that worked.

Until my Mother in Law created a E-mail Distribution list so now in the “To:” Area it just says “My Distro List” Or it says “Undisclosed reciepents”

That is my favorite one.

It means I may get forwarded the E-mail from my mother, step mother, wife and all 3 of my wife’s sisters.

My Current In Box size in my Outlook? 2,973.

I would delete them but I live in fear of one my mothers asking me to forward them what they sent or asking me to reply to an E-mail that I no longer have.

Solutions are slim. I could ask my mothers to stop sending me E-mail. In each case it will cause devastation and pain as if I had threatened to eat my first born live on Springer in front of a live studio audience

In the case of my mother in law it also means I will piss off my wife. That is absolutely not an option.

I could opt to kill all my E-mail accounts which means I will be pressured in to reactivate them. due to guilt of being I told I do not love my mothers and mother in law. Same argument as above applies. So that is out as well.
Or I could just jump off a cliff.

Radio Intercepts

Basically your privacy is someone else's commodity. And you aren't getting paid for it.

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