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I’m home sick today.

Stomach and fever. Combined with a slow anger mingled with sadness. It makes for quite a miserable experience.

I have mentioned in the past, of my merry band of friends, the very small circle of us who survived the 90’s in Georgia. We were thicker than blood. Brothers from different mothers.

We fought. Often each other. We laughed. We cried. We mended broken hearts and saluted beginning and ending relationships.We drank, we sang. We played. We stared death in the face on mote than one occasion with our antics, and walked away feeling invincible.

In many ways we were a family unto ourselves. We were a peer group, but all in all I think a positive peer group. We never let others in our group drive drunk, we wanted us to be old and gray laughing at our antic together.

We were less responsible in other aspects, namely driving for which we took to the Georgia back roads like moonshiners from revenuers.

The epitome of wild eyed southern boys.

Now that circle grows smaller. This is my tribute, what little it is can not truly express the depth of our sorrow.

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Well, we did our best, but in the final minutes, it wasn’t enough.  Although it was an exciting game, at the end, where it seemed to count the most, we fell short.

I will say this:

Our offense, defense, and passing improved 110% from the previous game against South Carolina, and with the way the team is after multiple arrests and suspensions, I call that a win.

The quarterback, Murray passed (literally) with flying colors.

The defense held their own after getting into a much needed grove.  I was impressed.

And even though we lost, I am very proud to be a Dawgs fan, because through all the adversity, and the trials and tribulations, we played a hell of a game.




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