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Good time Charlie Round Up

So took some time going through my blogroll (do they even call it that any more? It’s weird when i first started writing on line back in 1996 it was just a “link list”…then writing became blogging….and it became a blogroll….now its all Facebook….twitter…..anyway..)

The entire time I did so lines from Good Time Charlie kept echoing through my head

Everybody’s goin’ away….

Believe this time I’m gonna stay….

Pretty much sums me and a handful of other folks up pretty well I think. For me its really weird as I started this before there was even a word “blog” for writers on the internet. Now its me and another bare handful thats left.

Almost nobody still active. Then I figured…why not do some “link love” (or whatever its called now) for those folks still running? I’ve been “lurking” (read….stalking…nonactive participant…gender neutral, nonsexual deviant post lacking individual?) for eons. So here we go…what may be the first Blog Round up in probably 10 years.

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USO: Communication Breakdown

So we finally heard from the USO

TSO over at This Ain’t Hell spearheaded the way, and enough cant be said for what he did from my point of view, frankly. Milblogging isn’t what it used to be so the fact the he was on the tip of the spear proves the brotherhood, both militarily and internet linked, still exists.  A big thanks nonetheless to everyone who stood up and added a voice. Sure it may be from behind a laptop, but then look at how many folks said nothing. Point made I think.

He got a hold of key individuals at the USO, and found out that it was simply a communication breakdown.

So stand down the war dogs, all is well. I’m glad that this came to a happy conclusion for The Sniper. I always liked his work and have had him on my blog list for a number of years. I just wish I had more time to blog as I used to. Maybe once I finish graduate school I’ll have more of my life back.



Remembering a Travesty: Ft. Hood

November 5th, 2009

At roughly 13:30 local time Major Nidal Hasn, United States Army, entered his duty post of the Soldier Readiness Center, at Ft. Hood, TX.

The SRC is where personnel receive routine medical treatment immediately prior to and on return from deployment.

According to eyewitnesses and numerous court reports, he took a seat at an empty table, bowed his head for several seconds, and then stood up and opened fire shouting “Allah Ahkbar!”

Using an FN Five-seven semi-automatic pistol, which he had purchased at a civilian gun store, and a .357 Magnum revolver (which he may not have fired) Hasan systematically went on a rampage that is unheard of in military history.

A unarmed US Army Reserve Captain John Gaffaney attempted to stop Hasan, but was killed in the attempt.

Civilian physician assistant Michael Cahill tried to charge Hasan with a chair before being shot and killed.

There were 43 shooting casualties. Among the 13 killed were 12 soldiers, one of whom was pregnant, and a single Army civilian employee. Thirty others were wounded and required hospitalization.

Today we remember:

  • Mr. Michael Cahill
  • Major Libardo Caraveo
  • Staff Sergeant Justin DeCrow
  • Captain John Gaffaney
  • Specialist Frederic Greene
  • Specialist Jason Hunt
  • Staff Sergeant Amy Krueger
  • Private First Class Aaron Nemelka
  • Private First Class Michael Pearson
  • Captain Russel Seager
  • Private First Class Francheska Velez and her unborn child
  • Lieutenant Colonel Juanita Warman
  • Private First Class Kham Xiong

Round-Up of MilBloggers also Covering

Central Missouri Honor Flight

********** This post has been put up for BloodSpite  –  via v00d3W    ***********


Yesterday we had a very moving ceremony in the House chamber.  We welcomed a group of World War II heroes who had recently flown to Washington, DC.  The group had participated in an Honor Flight that visited the memorials that honored their courage and sacrifice of more than 60 years ago.


We are losing our WWII veterans at an alarming rate – 20 a day in Missouri; 1,000 a day nationwide.  The time is running out to offer this tribute to our Missouri heroes.  WWII veterans from all over the state can participate and information can be provided for the nearest Missouri hub to the veteran.  This is a one day trip and there is NO cost to the veteran.  All expenses are all picked up by donations.


I do not know all of the details so if a friend or member of your family wishes to participate here’s the website for more information:; or call Barb Brueggerman, President, 573/301-5657 or write to: Central Missouri Honor Flight, 5550 Hwy. 63 S., Columbia, MO 65201.  This office can also send you an application.


Best Regards,

David Sater

68th District



PS:  This is a very worthwhile program and if you’d like to donate your time or money the group would be more than happy to talk to you.






Chairman – Appropriations, Health, Mental Health & Social Services

Health Care Policy Committee, Special Committee for Health Insurance,


Budget Committee, Financial Institutions Committee, &

Joint Committee on MO Health Net


********** This post has been put up for BloodSpite  –  via v00d3W    ***********

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