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Traveling Road Show

A wise man once told me that if you weren’t a 10 when you arrived, you aren’t a 10 when you leave, and she really isn’t in to you because your a hottie.

The point being pretty straightforward, if she (or he as the case may be) is treating you like you are Adonis, its probably not because you can quote Plutarch and Goethe.

As such traveling can sometimes be a minefield, especially here in the states. While romance is always in the air if one seeks it, the fact of the matter is just as many folks lose their wallets, their credit cards, and their jobs by being ….well…frankly….stupid.

There is not enough vodka in the world to make a unattractive person hot despite the common Beer Goggles myth, and if you are willing to lose complete control of your sensibilities and perspective then frankly you deserve what happens to you. I have heard it all in my day. “You look like a friend I know.” “You look like George R.R. Martin”. “You remind me of my best friend”. None of which changes the fact that at the end of the day I’m a short fat white guy who could probably pass for an extra on Jeremiah Johnson.

In the words of Band of Brothers

“Flies spread disease… keep yours closed.”

March Passing

So with the end of March having occurred I no longer have an excuse to be lazy. The truth is I have written so many articles over the years about Ireland and the Irish, that in March I rarely add new stories any more. I try to make an effort, however, to add at least one new one each year. End result is I have a plethora of Irish work on the website, which is ok, because it seems to drive a wealth of traffic as well. In previous years I changed the visual theme of the website to the current theme you see now. We used a different visual theme the rest of the year. The woodland theme more reflects my thought process these days.

With all of that I always feel sad to see March pass. While an excuse to be somewhat lazy on the site it is also a nice time to share heritage, heraldry and see days like St Patrick’s Day as being more than just a drunken rampage (not to say I haven’t participated in a few). There’s a reason its a known holiday, beyond green beer and shamrocks as well as silly hats. Learn it, understand it, then celebrate it.

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Airport Bingo

I’ve been packing and working on some work relatted paper work since last night. I took a brief respite and turned on the news while putting the finishing touches on my check in luggage. The programming put me to thinking.

I’ve been flying so much the last two months that it feels like I live in an airport.

Thats not usually a big deal for me but it has made keeping up with Graduate school, to put it very mildly, a challenge.

When I get home my daughter craves, no, demands my undivided attention. Work is a huge demand on my time right now and school is just as bad, if not worse. It’s further complicated by the fact I sometimes jump three to four time zones in a single day.


But its good work, and I am doing my best too do a good job, even if the political enviornment is one I am not fond of. Anyone who knows me knows that I am about as politically correct as a an Irish bordello. So I usually just keep my mouth shut, keep my head down, to my job and move out smartly.

Truth be told in this area the travel is a relief. I grow weary of the huddeled whispers in corners sometimes, and it makes my head hurt when folks talk about the latest TV programming. While the latter is entirely me, and I admit that the former is just eye ball rolling and navel gazing. But I digress.

It has been nice seeing old Ft Carson again, sadly no one that I know is stationed here any longer. That much is somewhat telling, as well as vaguely disturbing. In our minds we often picture a place as frozen in time, in a single pane the way it was we last saw it. So it is often shocking when we return to a location and see the changes that have been wrought in our absence.

Cartersville and Ellijay, GA are both this way for me. Often I hear folks say “Oh its only grown a little.” While I stare at them flabberghasted. However my Ft Carson experience is more unsetteling than normal, whereas Cartersville and Ellijay have people I know who can help me identify changes or find places I used to haunt, with Ft Carson  I have none of that. Too many years have passed, to many duty stations have changed and too many personell have left for Fiddlers Green from the wars and “peace actions” since my time here.

In High School, one of our yearbook themes was “We are only just passing through”. My good friend, lets call him Gas-man due his MOS and to protect the guilty, and I noted how many folks just passed through our active duty units. Compared to a dinner we had recently with a group of National Guard veterans who I think may have a more solid bonding experience as their personell usually stay until retirement, with minimal change due to personell rotation, or MOS branch orders like in Active Duty.

I think I envy them that. A steady parade of faces over the years, folks I knew only breifly or not at all move past my minds eye as I board another plane and then another. Watching folks in uniform shuffle from one Gate to another to catch flights from here to yon. The last time I flew on Active Duty we were told we could not wear our uniforms for security concerns. We wore civillian clothes. I consider the fact that those instructions were pre 9/11 and now after the fact we openly have folks wearing. Its a juxtaposition to be sure for me, but one that  I can not take a position on as I see points in both aspects. But the faces move on and fade out.

In the end we all do, we make only a few marks in the worls, on the people we meet. There are no more Alexanders, no more Hannibals. There will be no more grand parade of soliders from Antietam, The grand movements are done, the band has ceased. It is not what we mark anymore it is who.

Do I sound tired? I am. Very tired.

I turn off the TV and finish packing my bag. If our network programming is of any indicator, I think I’d rather  read the works of Tacitus and remember than see what we have become.


Slowly but surely

Well between the ankle and work things have indeed been moving slowly. I stay piled under time wise. Its like I never have a free moment to myself, and the weekends scream by in record time. Sometimes I feel like I lay down Friday night and wake up on Monday.

It isn’t that stressful, thats the good thing. It’s just I have so many things that I am trying to get accomplished.

I have school work for both of my classes every night.
I have work that I do all day, and sometimes I spent a few minutes each night on it.
I have my CAPM test I will be studying for shortly, hopefully I’ll be taking the test by the end of February.
With Spring on the way I have a training class all next week for Spotters.
My ankle is not as healed as I would like, and I’m still using a cane. I am hoping to be done with that next week if I can but right now it feels like someone smashing my foot with a hammer when i put any sort of real weight on it. Not a pleasant experience I can assure you.

During the course of all this fun and excitement I have several pieces of software that I have to buy, Microsoft project being one.

But the one that invariably always folks ask me about is my meteorological data processing program: GrLevelX.

I have used GrLevel2 for the last several years but this year I am also going to try to get my hands on Level3. They aren’t very expensive, but the work and detail they provide are extremely reliable.

With as mild as this winter has been, I am worried that the spring storms may be more robust and violent than what we have seen the last three years. Thats saying something seeing as how 2011 was one of the most deadly seasons on record.

Unless this winter freezes up soon, I think Spring may have a few surprises for us weather wise and I doubt highly we will like any of them.

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-24

  • RT @tornadoquest: Thunderstorms moving towards SE MO could complicate rescue/recovery efforts in #Joplin Forecast disc: #
  • Damn @ryanvaughan: At 3:15, we learn why we do not leave our safe spot too soon: #joplin #MOWX" #
  • JimC: As previously stated 3 long days ahead od us with severe thunderstorms n many areas including suffering (cont) #
  • Powerful @WeatherDecTech: Video of damage from Joplin, Missouri tornado #
  • If your in Joplin, you need to try to find shelter or a secure shelter…storm incoming is very strong as I understand #
  • Not good @KATV_Weather: Devastating. 89 dead in Joplin and I'm afraid it's going to get higher #ARWX #
  • Not good RT @SamChampion: That is one bad looking storm here in Joplin #
  • Storm Chasers Jeff Piotrowski & Kathryn Piotrowski tracked the Joplin Tornado through the city of Joplin, MO. #
  • Severe storms over OK this morning moving toward NWA. Wind potential is increasing and tornado potential is not zero. Will monitor #
  • Data @StaffsStormSpot: Wind 13.1 mph SSW Temp 10.7c (-1.2c) Feels Like 6.4 Barom 1004.4 (Falling) Rain 0.0mm #wxdisplay #weather #wdisplay quot; #
  • "@severewarn: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Barry, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald and Newton County in MO until 9:45am CDT. #mowx quot; #
  • "@weathermatrix: Current storm endangering tornado cleanup: 1-inch hail reported by a spotter just east of #Joplin airport" #
  • "@wunderground: Dr. Masters says, "Deadliest U.S. tornado since 1953 rips through Joplin, Missouri, killing 89"" #
  • SPC Mesoscale Discussion 0886 for SE OK…WRN AND CNTRL AR #
  • RT @shawncable: 2000-2010 there were 605 tornado fatalities in the US. Already 450+ just this year. #
  • View of deadly tornado moving into Joplin, MO, from Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski: #
  • Number to volunteer in Joplin via Americorps (417) 659-5464." #
  • RT @VZWlaura confirmed VZW is sending 3 temporary cell towers to Joplin #verizon #
  • "@KATV_Weather: SOME good news… Arkansas has been taken out of the moderate risk for severe weather today. A slight risk remains though #
  • "@WeatherRick: Tornado Watch issued for Washington County but not Benton County. More storms over Oklahoma moving in later this evening. #
  • That's it!? Just 17!? Rt @KOMUnews 17 people have donated blood at the Academy of Fine Arts in CoMo. #
  • Rt @KATV_Weather: Newest short range hi res models shows a complex of storms moving through Arkansas later this evening. #
  • RT @DaveSnider: Joplin tornado rated EF-4 by SGF NWS. Winds: 190-198 Width: 3/4 mi. 116 killed, 400 injured. #
  • "@TWCBreaking: Brief tornado reported south of Mountain View, OK. Spotters indicating strong rotation continues. Radar" #
  • Dammit MT @timwhitley It never stops… just heard on scanner in Joplin, MO, a police officer doing recovery work was struck by lightning. #
  • Rt "@vhanning: RT @nprnews: Scientists At A Loss To Predict Bad Tornado Seasons" #
  • "@TWCBreaking: Tornado warning issued near #Cleveland , #ohwx until 7:30pm EDT. Radar, warning info:" #
  • "@KATV_Weather: Joplin, MO rated a preliminary EF-4. That's subject to change still. #ARWX quot; #
  • "@TWCBreaking: Brief tornado reported near Fairfax, OK. Warning until 6:45pm CDT for Osage and Pawnee Co. Radar and info #
  • "@KATV_Weather: Here are more details on the Joplin, MO EF-4 tornado. Max winds almost 200 mph #ARWX" #
  • "@weatherchannel: Dr Forbes says Tornado warning near Cleveland, OH take cover" #
  • RT @CraigatFEMA Heading there now @MoGov (@craigatfema) will travel to Missouri to ensure the state has support it needs #
  • SPC Mesoscale Discussion 0908 for NRN AR #
  • "@stormchaser4850: Developing: A tornado was reported on the ground earlier at 702 pm EDT, 5 miles E of Ohio City, OH" #
  • At this rate we are going to become the Tropical Rainforest formerly known as Missouri #
  • "@spotternetwork: 06:32PM CDT Funnel<-Spotr 4 miles SSW of Alden, OK-4 mi WNW. 40% down. Hill in way of horizon can't confirm ground contact #
  • "@severestudios: RT @TWCBreaking: We have confirmation that 2 police officers were struck by lightning in #Joplin their conditions unknown" #
  • SPC Tornado Watch 348: WW 348 TORNADO AR OK 232225Z – 240500Z URGENT – IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED … #
  • RT More bad news in SW MO. Dangerous flash flooding threat. Evacuations to the south of Joplin in Neosho and Seneca, MO Roads impassable. #
  • No Rapture jokes…@MarketWatchRT: Obama to leave Ireland early due to volcanic ash #
  • RT @WLBT: JOPLIN, MO (AP) – MO governor says number found alive in tornado debris up to 17; he fears death toll will rise #
  • "@CraigatFEMA: More Severe #Wx in the forecast; #
  • "@pmarshwx: From 2000-2010, the NOAA tornado database has 604 fatalities. In 2011, the total, as of now, is 481. #SoberingPerspective quot; #
  • "@severewarn: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for McDonald County in MO until 9:00pm CDT. #mowx quot; #
  • "@KOMUnews: One confirmed person pulled out alive from the leveled Home Depot #Joplin /via @gencurtis" #
  • "@TWCBreaking: Flash flooding has caused a portion of Hwy 62 in Carroll Co., Ark. to collapse this evening." #
  • "@twcMarkElliot: As I've been tweeting about… the flooding is beginning:; #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-05-23

  • RT @ArkansasWeather: The risk of a tornado in Benton County will be higher along the MO border. Areas near Gravette… should take cover. #
  • 3miles from AR line #
  • "@WeatherRick: Also strong rotation near Gateway, AR" #
  • "@weatherninja: New tornado warning for NW Benton County AR until 8:15PM #arwx quot; #
  • Cell phone dying. In shelter. My home connection down. Will update when clear. #
  • DEBRIS in the AIR 5 mikles se of Bela Vista! In my hole #
  • Dime sized hail heavy rain 6 miles due N of Pea Ridge #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-29

  • RT @severewarn: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Calhoun, Dougherty, Lee, Terrell, Turner and Worth County in GA until 9:00am EDT. #gawx #
  • Still in awe @weathermatrix: Worst tornado outbreak in 37 years: I will be updating my blog today with various stats.; #
  • RT @TWCRickKnabb: One tornado is smaller than one #hurricane but the scope of this outbreak surpasses a number of past hurricane landfalls. #
  • RT @JustinRudicel: AP: Death toll climbs to 193. 14 killed in Tennessee, 8 in Virginia. Deadliest #tornado outbreak since 1974 (307 killed) #
  • Stay Alert! Stay Alive! @TWCBreaking: Still active #severe t-storm and #tornado warnings in the East right now:; #
  • RT @TORNADOHUNT: Hats off to @severestudios for excellent online weather coverage all this week. Let it be a resource for you. #
  • RT @txstormchasers: If you are looking for a loved one in Alabama, go to and click on Safe and Well. #
  • My lord… @JustinNOAA: #NOAA reported 660 severe storm reports yesterday, including 164 #tornado reports; #
  • RT Memo to #CNN Over 200 people died yesterday and you're reporting on Obama's birth certificate. This is why your news organization is… #
  • This needs to be a mantra. Include royal wed also. @txskywtchr: No one gives a crap about where the President was born this morning CNN. #
  • RT @AJinOK I hoped we'd gotten to the point where we could avoid this many fatalities from a tornado sadly we still have a lot of work to do #
  • RT Respect victims! Ask urself if info is helpful & true b4 sharing Unofficial ratings/death tolls or "cute outbreak names" are distasteful #
  • RT @IrishEagle: Major props to @twcMarkElliot @borntorunnergrl @TWCjerdman @sean_breslin and Chris D. for life-saving weather coverage! #
  • RT @ChaserCentral I have feeling most of the deaths in AL were because of infrastructure failure No internet No power No wx radio=No warning #
  • Take cover NY! @dancastner: #tornado warning Sussex, Morris, Passaic, Bergen and Orange Counties. Right now!!! #
  • RT @DavidShuster "No time for this silliness" then Obama talks w/ Oprah & heads to fundraiser Arent there any grownups on the WH comm staff? #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: The sight on University Boulevard in Alberta City is one of a refugee march." #
  • RT @jimwxgator: Just got word that the University of Alabama will be CLOSED through the weekend. #alwx quot; #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: From University Blvd. in Alberta. Devastation and walking. #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: Another shot from Alberta. Kids overlook the damage from a bridge.; #
  • RT @spann: RT @txstormchasers: Page set up to locate missing documents/items from yesterday's #tornado outbreak: #alwx quot; #
  • Fuel, water shortages plague tornado struck AL. Boil notices in effect and infrastructurer badly damaged #alwx #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: Ruined home @ Alberta City; #
  • CNN interviewed a man this morning who said there were no warnings before his house was destroyed by a tornado #
  • Plz RT @JBishopwx: Can't s please stay away from Smithville,Ms Alabama locations, along with other hard hit areas. Please retweet or repost. #
  • No. @weatherninja: Am I wrong in thinking the networks seem more focused on the royal wedding than the destruction across the country? #
  • Take note! @JoCo_Emergency: Tornado Shelter Mantra: Go as low as possible and as interior as possible. Be safe! #
  • Uh oh #arwx @Region8News: #breakingnews New breech in Pocahontas Levee #
  • Flooding! @Region8News: Here is an aerial picture of BRTC taken by David Steimel.; #
  • RT @KOMUnews: Getting ready for a press conference with US Army Corps of Engineers about status of Lake Wappapello./via @JessicaASmith8 ^KC #
  • RT @Region8News: Here is an aerial picture of the Black River Bridge at Black Rock taken by David Steimel. #ARWX #
  • RT @waff48: Curfew imposed in DeKalb County from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. This will begin today and continue until further notice. #
  • RT @JBishopwx: NWS: Smithville, Ms Tornado rank a EF-4 with winds of 190mph. 13 dead with 5 still missing. #
  • RT @KATV_Weather: Read the Arkansas DemGaz Friday. There will be a story about @weatherninja storm chasing for KATV Channel 7 #ARWX #
  • RT @ChaseTheStorms I didn't think it was possible tohave this many deaths with technology and connectivity of today 'Warning apathy' kills. #
  • RT @IrishEagle: Can't believe news agencies that don't understand are asking whether there was enough advance warning. Are you kidding me?" #

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Radio Intercepts

Hell I want it to happen. The current program is beyond broken.…

  • photo from Tumblr


    Did i go Overboard? My coworker picked up some tilted barn, and a vintage bottle for me, Trillium had a release today , and my tavour order arrived.. i guess im full.

    Can never go overboard with good booze!


  • photo from Tumblr

    So it was this holiday…..


  • photo from Tumblr

    Hands down my favorite Mexico cerveza. Colombe Smoked Black IPA


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