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Third Saturday in October: Archived from 2007

I wrote this in October of 2007 over at Techography. I’ve since posted it here for Archival reasons, and because the game is upon us once more. Enjoy! – BS

If you are a fan of Tennessee or Alabama football there are two rules to live by: Don”t get married on the
third Saturday in October, and try not to die — because in either case, the
preacher might not show. For the first
time since 1988 the Third Saturday in October
will not be

But What exactly is the 3rd Saturday in October? For those who don’t know, it’s the day that University
of Tennessee Volunteers plays against University of Alabama Crimson
. And it’s game that dates back to1928.
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IM’s from the Edge

For a long time at Techography we ran a segment called IM’s From the Edge. A Play on the movie Postcards from the Edge.

In that case we took IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

In this instance however v00d3w has crossed the line.

In Tennessee tradition I have remained civil, polite even. Such is the spirit of a gentleman’s wager.

Then today happened.

v00d3w(8:26:28 AM): btw
(8:26:41 AM): are you gettin yer singin voice ready?
bloodspite (8:28:48 AM): You really don’t want me to stop being polite on the website do you? -.-
v00d3w (8:28:54 AM): lmao
bloodspite (8:29:04 AM): I mean I did put up a nice unbiased post today. Which is rare for me
v00d3w (8:29:07 AM): polite is for women :-)

The gloves come off my friends. At least for this weekend.

After All….

This is SEC!
This is SEC…

Tennessee versus Georgia Wrap Up: 2009

(I wrote this October of Last year. Because I was working in Tennessee I got to attend the game. It was a sight to behold and a tromping unlike anything I had witnessed first hand before. What was originally supposed to have been a good game turned in to a 45 to 19 trouncing that was almost painful to watch. With Georgia barely squeezing out 240 yards the Volunteers overpowered them at 471 , 310 of which were passing as before our eyes we watched “Jonathon @!#$%^& Crompton” become “$%^&* Jonathon Crompton!?”. Enjoy!)

I got to Knoxville Friday around 18:00. Got checked in to my hotel and unpacked ready to rock and roll.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am I immediately headed for Cumberland.

The Cal Ecker Band was the live venue of the night and they rocked, absolutely rocked. I bet they played Rocky Top a half dozen time in the almost 8 hours I was in the club, with the entire room screaming the song at the tops of their lungs.

Best shirt of the night!

I partied out at The Tin Roof until about 15 till 3 am. I was pumped, tired, blitzed and psyched all at once. (I have since learned that there is a Tin Roof in Nashville, which means at some point I may have to check it out) I wandered back to my truck and drug my exhausted carcass in to my hotel room at about 03:30.


<-The best damn shirt of the night!


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Let’s Ramp It Up! !

Here we go sports fans, here’s a little treat for you Dawgs and Vols fans….May I present:

Civil War!

This is a week long tribute to one of our favorite Rival Games


- UGA Vs. UT -


We’ve amped up our look and feel, and as always feel free to contact us at

At the end of this week, we have our little bet, where someone will be singing a different tune..and this will be broadcast here and on YouTube for all to see – I cant wait to see BloodSpide all dressed in red and black….

May the best Dawg Win! ! !


We got a little treat for you Vols and Dawgs fans

v00d3w hasn’t been posting as his usual self.

That is because via an act of selfless service he has been working behind the scenes a lot lately.

He has been perfecting a lil sumpin sumpin just for this week.

I won’t steal his thunder.

But I don’t intend to be singing a damn thing at the end of this week.

Tennessee versus Florida Motivator

Who cares if we’ve lost 5 in a row to them?

Who cares if we don’t have Eric Berry anymore, the only player who could physically cause Tim Tebow to wet himself?

Who cares if we are in a rebuilding year?

It’s frickin Florida. The only team we hate almost as much as Ala-Damn-Bama. They are the antimatter for everything we stand for. They are like East Coast hippies.

They wear jorts. Sandles. Only thing missing is more tie dye shirts and patchulli.

So with that in mind, lets get our blood pumping. So what if there was a oil spill in that general vicinity a few months ago? I’m craving boiled gator!


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