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Just exhausted.

Trying to finish my Masters program and I’m working on a research proposal to pursue my doctorate.

All while holding down a job, being a husband and father and doing my stormchasing,  dream home modifications. I also have an idea for a book in my head and have written a short story but have no friggin clue what the hell to do with them now. Thinking I might hit up John DuMond for advice, as all my published work is in a Sports magazine and I have never done a book before.

Any rate Some days I want to crawl under my bed.

Others I just want to sit on my porch and stare.

Recently I discovered that new SWEPCO Route 109 ruling is practically going to run through my backyard. That hasnt made my blood pressure any lower and I’m trying to see what legal options are available to me. I have filed complaints with both the Arkansas and Missouri Public Service Commission

I’m not burned out, but I am tired.

Just got to make it to May 9th without losing my cool.

Then life will slow down. For a while anyway.

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Between work and school I’m questioning my sanity. My vacation a few days ago helped unplug and recharge a bit but now that I am back in the trench I’m asking myself how the hell I have swung both schedules for so long.

It doesn’t help that I’m not doing very well in one of my classes at all. To the point that I’m sweating over it frankly.

Meanwhile my frequent flyer miles with Delta are getting a work out. Go figure. I’m letting pretty much everything fall to the way side, as I didn’t know this would be so challenging: my stormchasing, my friends, this website, everything is going to pot while I struggle through my classes.

I keep telling myself I have just one more year. If I can pull this class out of the fire I have one more year and I will be golden. It’s challenging because my classmates are all full time students so it seems, I don’t think there is a career driven one in the bunch, and this is a Masters program!

I just have to keep it together for one more year. The goal line is in site and as long as I don’t fornicate the canine I will be done this time next year.

Who needs sleep, right?

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Me to a tee. Since I’ve started my Masters I realize that I really suck at tests. I’m not sure why I do so poorly on them when the rest of my work is graded stellar. Subconscious maybe.

In any event I have been studying my ass off, and writing a term paper so my time has been pretty much limited. Unfortunately this is one of the things that immediately gets ditched when I run out of time.

I can’t apologize, its a conscious decision.  We have to decide where our priorities lay, and unfortunately for me my number one priority is my degree as I have a very large chunk of hopes and dreams for me and mine riding on it. So this, my gaming, my yard-work,  even my sleep all take a back seat to making sure I literally make the grade.

The down side is this is my vent, my place to let some of that compounded frustration out.

Hopefully no one cuts me off on the way to work *grin*

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So I’m taking two classes in Project Management.

And this week at work? I’m Taking Program Management.

So effectively I have 8 hours of Project and Program Management criteria, theories, and systems only to come home, put my mangled foot up, and spend another 3 to 4 hours reading Project and program Management criteria, theories and systems.

If I dream of Net Present Value formula’s tonight I’m gonna not be a happy camper tomorrow.

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So just as we thawed out last week to start blogging we got hammered again.

I finally got power back, which without it has played a serious part in being detrimental to my sanity.

Namely the blog was not being updated save for my twitter posts (which is done via my cellphone) and my school work was getting behind (almost a weeks worth).

To say the least I have been concerned.

v00d3w has not been seen in a few days but I think that is due to his work more than anything. He has been dealing with some major technical issues there and of course neither he nor I are paid for what we do, our real jobs must take priority.

All that said the latest Arctic blast seems to be behind us, and while I have seen it snow in March, fiscally speaking I hope it doesn’t happen. Missing almost 8 days of work in a 2 week period due to being trapped does not do wonders for ones credit rating or bill paying ability, and debtors don’t like to hear the words “Act of God” as your excuse I have found, for being late.

We shall skin by as always. It is after all tax time.

It is supposed to warm up substantially today, and with that sunshine brings light of hope on some other opportunities I hope to explore as well. I’m going to be at Missouri State University on February 19th if all goes well, to examine the campus and see what all is needed for my application. I have one letter of recommendation secured and I am working on a second, I am still debating who to ask for my third.

All in all the winter has been harsh, but they say the best days come after a storm so lets hope it holds true, shall we?

I should be back to my regular blogging self shortly and I look forward to chatting with you all regularly once again!

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“We can’t hold back the hands of time, its just something we got to do.”


Critters first day was Monday. The morning was….interesting. She was all excited until she realized her mother and I would not be staying with her the entire day. Then we piled in to the gym. Here too, a problem arose. Critter is much like me, in not enjoying being amongst crowds. So there she sat in the middle of the gym with her hands over her ears, and head burrowed to block the noise. So of course you can guess what happened when the the Principal fired up the PA system.

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She starts school on August the 16th.

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I like listening to the news while I fight with traffic every morning, and this morning was no exception. 

So while listening to the traffic report, I hear this: Child Dies; Left All Day in Car.  How could this happen, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you:  The general population seems to be lacking in intelligence more, and more each passing day.  Apparently this irresponsible mother drove to work at a school, and just forgot that her 21 month old child was strapped into the car seat.  This mother should be left strapped into a seat in a hot van until she dies.<–(this is my opinion.)

So, while I thought that was a bazaar story, think about this:  this is not the first time this has happened.  Not only has this happened before, but it has happened recently:  June, 6 2009

Investigators say Fish normally gives other children rides to school in addition to his own. But since school is out, Fish’s routine changed Thursday, causing him to forget his child was in the back of the van.

I beg to differ, that is not what made him forget, Stupidity, and irresponsibility, and a whole boat load of other descriptive terms that I don’t feel like typing, is what caused this complete moron to do this.  This baby was 7 months old!!!!

Oh, yea, I forgot about the kicker:     These were both Teachers!!!  This is the kind of people that they let teach school?  How can you be around kids all day and forget about your own!!!!!




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Since continuing with school every 5 weeks I go in to a sort of Lockdown mode.

Mostly because I have too much crap to do and not enough time to do it.

It doesn’t help this weekend because I have managed to obtain some kind of freaking stomach virus.


My Gramps always said the best roads were never easy.


I’ll be online pretty much all day today but I won’t be doing much posting here this weekend. School comes first. I’ll try to get our weekly Irish post up between Sunday and Monday if I can break free. See if you can roust v00d3w from his slumber ;)

Meanwhile, if you can’t be good: Be good at it.

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