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An Dun: The Hill Fort

Nestled within the Seven Valley region of Southwest Missouri, lies the home that was voted to be called An Dun.

It’s a work in progress. We’re still unpacking in fact, a slow and tedious process with our work and school schedules.

Since procuring the home place, we have painted the entire interior of the house. I have also discovered a lot of water damage that I have been working feverishly to repair. New doors. New carpet. New fridge.

New start.

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Advisory: Joplin tornado response resources are being requested through established mutual aid agreements

The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) continues to work with Missouri state and local agencies to provide all necessary response resources to Joplin, following Sunday’s deadly tornado

Responders are being coordinated through established regional mutual aid agreements and requests filed with SEMA for state and federal resources.

Missourians interested in volunteering to assist should first call (800) 427-4626 or 2-1-1, instead of reporting directly to a command post or the disaster area. Those with medical skills interested in volunteering should go to:

Missourians wishing to make donations to help with the relief effort can go to or call (800) 427-4626 or 2-1-1.

Residents affected by the tornado who wish to notify their friends and family that they are safe should go to: Friends and family who would like to check on their loved ones in the affected area can use the same site.

Missourians who need disaster information, shelter information or referrals are urged to call

2-1-1. The United Way’s 211 service number is now available for most areas in Missouri. In areas where the 211 number is not operational, citizens can call 800-427-4626.

Sater’s Capital Straightalk – 02/24/11

Once again we are privileged to offer you the regular communication from District 68 State Representative David Sater of Southwest Missouri

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The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated

Yes I live.

First day back to work in a week since the grand Blizzard.
And of course what happens?

Its snowing.

No internet except my cellphone most of last week. Really only got it back this weekend, and honestly spent most of that catching up on school so the blog took a backseat.

I know, I know damn priorities.

However I am hoping things will come back to normal, provided we don’t get dumped on…yet again. But it’s not looking good.

We had a good time, playing in the snow with Critter and Huck. Many adventures in driving, and I have managed to get sick yet again but I’m powering through it.

How was your adventures?

David Saters Capitol Straight Talk January 27, 2011

Missouri State Representative David Sater has been a regular feature both here and at our sister site of Techography for a number of years.

Sadly soon that will end.

Representative Sater has reached his term limit and will be moving on to other, we hope, bigger and brighter things. A pharmacist, and native of nearby Cassville, MO he has brought a degree of honesty and integrity to the very dirty business of politics. We regret to see him go.

We will also miss his regular dispatches, and we hope to share his with you until the last.

With no further adieu, Missouri State Representative of District 68, David Sater.

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David Sater’s Capitol Straight Talk for December 2010

Our regular feature from Missouri House of Representatives own David Sater!

Happy holidays from the Capitol in Jefferson City. If this is any consolation, it is colder up here than in Barry County. The Governor has erected a large lighted Christmas tree on the front lawn of the Mansion and there are lighted wreaths on the Capitol Building. One of the things of interest to me are the ice junks moving down the Missouri River and I always wonder how far they have traveled. You just don’t see that along Flat Creek.

December for most of the elected representatives is a time of pre-filing legislation and getting the committees organized. For the last five years I was appointed Chairman of the Appropriations Committee for Mental Health, Health, and Social Services. It is this committee that starts the ball rolling for how much each program will receive in funding. Last year it totaled 9.5 billion for all three departments, and the total state budget was over 23 billion dollars. I enjoyed the challenge of this chairmanship, but have decided to step down and accept the Chairmanship of Healthcare Policy Committee. I will still serve on the Budget Committee, but will get to work on health issues instead of crunching budget numbers.

We have 57 new representatives coming in this year and there will be several on my new committee. So there will be a time of orientation for these new members as they get their feet wet. Also, the new chairman of my old appropriations committee is Tom Flanigan (Carthage) and I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot of him in the coming months. He has already been down to see me in Cassville. You get good results from government when elected officials work together for the common good and not their own good. I have seen it go both ways from Republicans and Democrats.

Half of the bills that I pre-filed for the 2011 session are the same as last year, but there are a few new ones:

1. Regarding Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, I have placed a cap that while receiving state assistance, if the family has more children, the state would not be responsible for financially including these new children for assistance:
2. County Disability Boards (SB40 Boards) would need to publicly have a reserve fund policy. There are some boards in the state that are hoarding taxpayer monies:
3. Keeps government from requiring pharmacies to stock certain medications, such as the morning after pill. Some states have tried to pass legislation and this bill would prohibit government intrusion into the free market area: and
4. Keeps non-prescription drugs while written as a prescription by a physician to remain tax free.

There are bills filed by other legislators to overturn Prop B, the puppy mill initiative. Although I was totally against the provisions in Prop B, this was an initiative passed by the citizens of Missouri. The money supporting the initiative mostly came from out of state and the advertising was misleading in favor of the proposition. I do have a problem with legislators trying to overturn a citizen’s initiative. I would be more in favor of another citizen’s initiative to overturn it, rather than it being done in the Legislature.

The proposed legislation by our Governor to place all Pseudoephedrine products as prescription only is something I will fight against. Presently we have a signature log book that a purchaser has to sign to obtain these products. This is not working very well because law enforcement does not have the staff available to check these in a timely manner. The state received a grant this year from the pharmaceutical industry to fund a “real time” electronic signature log to be placed in all pharmacies. These will be operational in all pharmacies by the first of the year. These devices would lock a person out from purchasing more than was allowed by dosage and would keep people from going to multiple pharmacies because all pharmacies would be on line together. By placing these products on a prescription only basis, it will become a financial hardship for our citizens who need these products. There will be a doctors office visit which cost money, the prescription will be more than the non-prescription product. I would just like to give the electronic signature log a chance to work as it has been successfully in other states in reducing Methamphetamine production.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Taste of Fall

I know most folks like to sit back and smoke their cigars.

Yukon Blend Coffee with a shot of Jameson. Gurkha Cuban Legacy in Churchill

I like to walk.

Was a nice brisk cool morning yesterday, great weather for my traveling companions: a Gurkha Cuban Legacy and Yukon Blend coffee with a shot of Jameson.

Here’s a little photo-essay attempt with some random thoughts.
Feel free to click any of the images for a bigger version. Enjoy the walk, sorry if my mind tends to venture in to strange places. its just the way I am.

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David Saters Capitol Straight talk 11/2/2010

Welcome to our regular contribution by the State of Missouri Representative for the 68th District, David Sater

DAVID SATER – Serving the 68th District

I am in Jefferson City writing this report just after election day. We caucus after every election for the purpose of electing new leadership and welcoming new members to the House of Representatives. And are we welcoming new members. Wow!! The State House went from 89 Republicans to 106 which is an historic pickup of seats. There are 163 seats in the House and to have 106 of these is quite a majority. There are many smiles on people’s faces, but there is also a lot of sadness on the minority side. To be frank, I saw a few Democrats lose that were very good to work with, they tried to do what was honestly best for their constituents, but in the end there was too much of a national “less government movement” in the air. The Republicans picked up seats in a few urban areas that never vote Republican and a few Democrats that have enjoyed large margins of victory in the past, barely squeaked by. But, another election will occur in two years and things never stay the same.

I do believe that House Republicans have done the right thing with the state budget, in trimming programs, greater fiscal accountability for the state departments, and keeping some excess funds for downturns. We were trying to trim state government even before the recession and by being more frugal and not funding every program that is offered, this was appreciated by the people of Missouri. In 2005, my first year, we cut Medicaid eligibility by 100,000 people, because of not enough state revenues to support the program. The Democrats cried “foul”, and we got a lot of heat over this issue. Governor Nixon pledged to restore the previous Medicaid eligibility, but he did not have the money to do so, or he would have. If this had been done school funding would be slashed to balance the budget. As I said nothing stays the same and another election will happen in two years.

I am in the process of organizing my priorities for the next last two years in office. I have around 10 or 11 bills this year to file the first of December. I am also considering stepping down from a Chairmanship that I have held for the last five years. It is the appropriations chair of Health, Mental Health, and Social Services. I will still serve on the Budget Committee and should still have some input on this area. I hope to be chosen chairman of a healthcare policy committee so I can continue to work on issues of healthcare rather than crunching numbers in appropriations. There will be bills presented before this committee relating to healthcare issues, and I believe that will be enjoyable.

Thank you again for letting me represent you here in Jefferson City. I cannot do everything for everyone, but I do try my best for each of you, no matter your political persuasion.

Sater’s Capitol Straighttalk July 26, 2010

Received from David Sater of the 68th District of Missouri

As full disclosure I must note that I support David Sater. I have found him to be honest, straight forward, and one of the few politicians in the region who has been willing to open communication with bloggers such as myself.

DAVID SATER – Serving the 68th District


As you may of read in the newspapers, the Governor called a Special Session several weeks ago. Unless you were on a committee that heard these bills, you did not have to be there until the bill was on the floor for a vote. The rules are that only the bills the Governor has requested can be discussed and voted on during a Special Session. No other subject matter can be open.

Bill number one pertained to the state employee pensions and I had no problem voting yes for this bill. All that was in it was that people hired after January 1st, 2011 can participate in the retirement program by contributing 4% of their salary into the pension program. Almost every business entity that I know has similar provisions of employee participation. This will save the state around 10-12 million dollars per year in the future.

The other legislation was on tax incentives for the Ford plant in Claycomo, Missouri and was not favorable to me. The state was going to use the money saved in the pension bill to pay for the tax incentives per year to keep the Ford plant in Missouri. The legislation called for 10 years of these incentives at 15 million per year. Number one, the figures did not add up and I am afraid we will have to take a few million dollars from other programs already financially drained. Second, we have healthcare programs that we are not fully funded and people are going without medical treatment. I am talking about the Medicaid population, especially the elderly and disabled. If we were going to do anything with the money from the pension program, let’s spend it to keep people out of nursing homes and emergency rooms. These are life and death programs. Budgeting is a matter of priority of importance. Thirdly, there are many businesses in Missouri that could use tax incentives to stay open. Picking and choosing one concern over another is never fair. I would be more in favor of using this money for all businesses in our state and use it in an even and fair manner. So, I voted against this bill but it passed anyway. I am only one vote in 163. I thought about speaking against it on the floor, but most people had already made up their minds and it was going to pass anyway.

In the Senate, a Senator has a right to filibuster, which is a stalling tactic to take up time, so that a vote on a bill does not happen. Senator Chuck Purgason spoke for over 10 hours hoping to defeat this bill. Senator Jack Goodman helped with this, but in the end the Senate voted to pass the bill and send it to the House, where it was passed.

Our next session will be in September which is the Veto Session. We will probably just meet and come home, which will be a waste of time and money.

The State of Missouri’s fiscal year ended on June 30th by setting a record. However, it is a record that we would not strive to every meet or exceed again. State net general revenue ended at a minus 9.1% ($6,774,323,630), the largest decline that anyone can remember in state history. What makes matters worse, the previous record was minus 6.9% set last year. The challenges for next year’s budget are substantial. This year’s budget contains 860 million dollars of one time Federal Budget Stabilization Funds (Federal Stimulus Money) which will not be available next year. That amount will have to be cut from the core budget next year of find a replacement source of income. I do not know of one.

I hope everyone is having a good summer. It looks like the heat of this summer is making up for the cool last summer. Stay safe and look out for your elderly neighbors who may not have a cooling system.

Roaring River State Park: Open House

 JEFFERSON CITY, MO., MAY 3, 2010 - The Missouri Department
of Natural Resources will host an open house on Wednesday, May 19, to
discuss issues related to Roaring River State Park near Cassville.  The
open house will be held at the park's Emory Melton Inn and Conference
Center (River View Room) from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and the public is

            Recent accomplishments and future plans at the park will be
highlighted at the open house. These accomplishments include opening of
the new park store, partial roof replacement at Camp Smokey, the
remodeling of the four-plex unit and significant stewardship
accomplishments.  In addition, information will be presented on how the
park will benefit from the efforts of the State Parks Youth Corps

            Representatives from the Missouri Department of
Conservation, which operates the hatchery, and MO PARKS Inc., which runs
the park concessions, will be on hand to share comments with the
attendees.  Visitors are welcome to ask questions or comment on the
park's facilities and services.  

            This open house is part of an ongoing effort by the
department to ensure the public has input on services provided in state
parks and historic sites.

            Roaring River State Park is located eight miles south of
Cassville on Highway 112 in Barry County.  People requiring special
services or accommodations to attend the open house can make
arrangements by calling the park directly at 417-847-2539 or by calling
the Department of Natural Resources toll free at 800-334-6946 (voice) or
800-379-2419 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf). For information
about state parks and historic sites, visit the Web at

Central Missouri Honor Flight

********** This post has been put up for BloodSpite  –  via v00d3W    ***********


Yesterday we had a very moving ceremony in the House chamber.  We welcomed a group of World War II heroes who had recently flown to Washington, DC.  The group had participated in an Honor Flight that visited the memorials that honored their courage and sacrifice of more than 60 years ago.


We are losing our WWII veterans at an alarming rate – 20 a day in Missouri; 1,000 a day nationwide.  The time is running out to offer this tribute to our Missouri heroes.  WWII veterans from all over the state can participate and information can be provided for the nearest Missouri hub to the veteran.  This is a one day trip and there is NO cost to the veteran.  All expenses are all picked up by donations.


I do not know all of the details so if a friend or member of your family wishes to participate here’s the website for more information:; or call Barb Brueggerman, President, 573/301-5657 or write to: Central Missouri Honor Flight, 5550 Hwy. 63 S., Columbia, MO 65201.  This office can also send you an application.


Best Regards,

David Sater

68th District



PS:  This is a very worthwhile program and if you’d like to donate your time or money the group would be more than happy to talk to you.






Chairman – Appropriations, Health, Mental Health & Social Services

Health Care Policy Committee, Special Committee for Health Insurance,


Budget Committee, Financial Institutions Committee, &

Joint Committee on MO Health Net


********** This post has been put up for BloodSpite  –  via v00d3W    ***********

Sater Capital Straight Talk 4/27

From David Sater

Serving the 68th District of Missouri

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Child identification programs planned by Missouri State Park Rangers

From David Sater

 JEFFERSON CITY, MO., APRIL 21, 2010 -- The Missouri State
Park Ranger Program is helping to keep your children safe through a
child identification program offered to elementary schools, Head Start
facilities and day-care facilities around the state.   

            "Children are our greatest resource and we want to do
whatever we can to keep them safe. These child identification programs
are one way to do that," said Bill Bryan, director of the state park
system for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The State Park
Ranger Program promotes safety and provides law enforcement for Missouri
state parks and historic sites.

            Each program will include a child identification kit for
each student. The kit includes an area for basic information about the
child, including a description. Each child will be fingerprinted and
that fingerprint will be included in the kit. The kit also includes a
place for a photo of the child, which can be updated by the parent as
the child ages. The kits are given to the children to take home. If the
child becomes lost or is taken, parents or guardians can provide this
valuable information to law enforcement to aid in the search.   

            The dates and places for the child identification programs
are listed below: 

*        April 22 -- Bright Beginnings Pre-School, Lebanon, 10 a.m. 

*        April 23 -- Bright Beginnings Pre-School, Lebanon, 10 a.m. and 2

*        April 26 -- Greenfield Head Start, Greenfield, 10:30 a.m. 

*        May 4 -- El Dorado Springs Head Start, El Dorado Springs, 9:30

*        May 5 -- Bull Frogs & Little Fishes Day-Care Center, Lebanon,
9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

*        May 6 -- Bull Frogs & Little Fishes Day-Care Center, Lebanon,
9:30 a.m.

*        May 6 -- Cassville Primary School, Cassville, 4 p.m.

*        May 7 -- Kirbyville Elementary School, Kirbyville, 8:40 a.m.  

            The program is part of the overall outreach effort provided
the Ranger Program to promote safety awareness in schools, in state
parks and historic sites, and other venues such as the Missouri State
Fair. The kits are provided by the Ranger Program free of charge and
approximately 2,500 children identification kits are distributed each
year during outreach programs. 

        For more information about the State Park Ranger Program or
state parks and historic sites, call the Department of Natural Resources
toll free at 800-334-6946 (voice) or 800-379-2419 (Telecommunications
Device for the Deaf) or visit

Saters Capitol Straight Talk 04/08/10

From David Sater

Saters Capitol Straight Talk is a regular publication for David Sater, State Representative for my district, the 68th of Missouri, which is more or less the Southwest Portion. It is reprinted here with permission, and as a reflection of things going on for others located in South West Missouri

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Missouri Labor Dept. Launches New and Improved Website

From David Sater

Helping Customers Find the Information they need in Seconds 

Jefferson City, Mo-The Missouri Labor Department launched its completed
top-to-bottom redesigned web site, Technology moves
ever-forward, and the Department is determined to take advantage of new
innovations for all Missourians.

"This web site allows us to showcase the important programs we
administer, as well as provide valuable information to Missourians who
are either injured on the job or looking for a job," says Department
Director Larry Rebman. 

The new web site has several new features designed to make information
and services more user-friendly. These include new interactive graphs,
streamlined and clarified informational pages about the rights and
responsibilities of workers and businesses, and a more user-friendly
Internet unemployment claims process. In addition, the Department has
collaborated with other state, federal, and community agencies to post
information about free public services to persons in need, especially
the unemployed.

Visit and peruse the new and improved web site. We are
proud of our dedicated staff and their commitment to serve the state of
Missouri on labor-related issues. We now have a web site of which we can
be proud.

Shelter from the Storms

“Fanatics in power and the funnel of a tornado have this in common – the narrow path in which they move is marked by violence and destruction”

Oscar Ostlund

Domestic-6 and I have been doing what we call gambling for quite a while.

No, it does not involve cards, slot machines, or casino’s. We prefer our money in our pockets thanks

What it does involve is our home and our lives.

We live in the minimal outskirts of whats better known as Tornado Alley.  Have for several years. Two years ago we watched a tornado tear through the towns of Pea Ridge and Little Flock, 8 miles south of us. We can see the town from our house as we live on a ridge overlooking the area. We also live in what is somewhat fondly referred to as a “Live-In-Kite”. Or a “Matchbox.”

I am referring of course to a modular and mobile home.

We preferred owning a place to renting, and instead of buying a home that we knew was out of our budget , we bought a sizable piece of land we could afford and a very reasonable priced home.

It has served us well.

But we have not had, until recently, was a shelter for when those twisters come calling. Probably not a smart thing all things considered. While our area is average for tornado strikes in the region, we’re still 143% more likely than anywhere else in the United States.

So as I said, gambling.

We rectified that as of this morning.

Bringing the top in to be sealed...

Bringing the top in to be sealed...

It looks like something you may have expected our parents to build in the back yard during the Cold War. But don’t knock it,

The Stats on this are literal life savers.

  • Inside dimensions 6′ wide, 8′ long and 6’2″ tall
  • Weighs in excess of 12,000 lbs
  • Will easily accommodate 9 people.
  • 30″ wide door
  • 3 heavy duty weld-on hinges with grease fittings for lubrication
  • Pressurized gas strut for easy opening and closing
  • 3 latches including a center safety latch which allows the door to be opened from the inside even if it was padlocked from the outside
  • 64″ long staircase with handrails on both sides and anti-skid strips on each step
  • Extremely dense concrete with a pressure rating of 6,000 lbs. per square inch
Back filling is all thats left

Back filling is all thats left

Our new neighbor has been gambling as well, staying in a camper while he builds his home. He does not see a point in owning a shelter. I’m sure there are some folks tonight in Pearson, AR who will disagree with him.

If you in the Southwest Missouri/Northwest Arkansas area, I will be happy to give you the gentleman’s name and number who installed mine. He did the entire job for considerably less than $3,000.

As for me and mine we’re taken care of, now. And I’m thankful for it.

Our home, still….not so much. But the important things will be Ok.

And thats what really matters.

PSC To Hold Local Public Hearing In Reeds Spring, MO In Aqua Missouri Rate Case

From David Sater:

JEFFERSON CITY—The Missouri Public Service Commission will hold a local public
hearing in Reeds Spring on February 10, 2010, to receive customer comment in a water rate case
filed by Aqua-RU, Inc. d/b/a Aqua Missouri, Inc. Customers who have had any service related issues
may also bring those to the attention of the Commission during the local public hearing.
The Reeds Spring local public hearing will be held in Reeds Spring High School,
Tri-Lakes TCRC, ITV Room, 20277 State Highway 413. The PSC staff question and
answer session begins at 5:30 p.m. The local public hearing will be held from 6:00 p.m.
until 9:00 p.m. or until all of those who wish to testify have done so, whichever is
This local public hearing will be held in a building that meets accessibility standards required
by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Any person who needs additional accommodations to
participate in this hearing should call the Public Service Commission’s hotline at 1-800-392-4211
(voice) or Relay Missouri at 711 prior to the hearing.
Customers wishing to make written comments or secure additional information may contact
the Office of the Public Counsel, P.O. Box 2230, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, telephone (866)
922-2959 or (573) 751-4857. Comments may also be registered by using the PSC’s Internet Filing
System at .
On July 15, 2009, Aqua Missouri, Inc. filed rate requests with the Missouri Public Service
Commission seeking to change the water and sewer rates of its customers in Cole, Callaway, Pettis,
Greene, Benton, Taney, Christian, Morgan, Stone and Barry counties.
Under the small company rate case process, the PSC staff audits the books and records of the
company. After the audit, the PSC staff and Aqua Missouri, Inc. met to discuss the audit. Based
upon those discussions, the PSC staff and Aqua Missouri, Inc. reached an agreement in the water and
sewer rate cases filed.
The current monthly bill for a residential customer using 4,000 gallons of water in the LTA,
Riverside Estates, Spring Valley and Ozark Mountain service areas and the proposed monthly bill for
that same residential customer under an agreement reached between the company and the PSC staff
appears below.
Service Area Monthly Bill at Monthly Bill at Company & PSC Staff
Current Rates                                           Agreed Upon Rates*
LTA                                                       $32.50                                                       $40.20
Riverside Estates                             $21.20                                                      $28.86
Spring Valley                                    $45.31                                                        $53.66
Ozark Mountain                               $33.77                                                       $45.03
*This is an agreement between Aqua Missouri, Inc. and the PSC staff. The five member
Commission decides all cases before it. The Commission has not decided this case.
Aqua Missouri, Inc. serves approximately 97 water customers in its LTA service area,
approximately 281 water customers in its Riverside Estates service area, approximately 106 water
customers in its Spring Valley service area and approximately 390 water customers in its Ozark
Mountain service area.

If you don’t want this rate increase fellow Missourians, then get involved, immediately.

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