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Between work and school I’m questioning my sanity. My vacation a few days ago helped unplug and recharge a bit but now that I am back in the trench I’m asking myself how the hell I have swung both schedules for so long.

It doesn’t help that I’m not doing very well in one of my classes at all. To the point that I’m sweating over it frankly.

Meanwhile my frequent flyer miles with Delta are getting a work out. Go figure. I’m letting pretty much everything fall to the way side, as I didn’t know this would be so challenging: my stormchasing, my friends, this website, everything is going to pot while I struggle through my classes.

I keep telling myself I have just one more year. If I can pull this class out of the fire I have one more year and I will be golden. It’s challenging because my classmates are all full time students so it seems, I don’t think there is a career driven one in the bunch, and this is a Masters program!

I just have to keep it together for one more year. The goal line is in site and as long as I don’t fornicate the canine I will be done this time next year.

Who needs sleep, right?

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/mental break

I needed a mental break today.  I feel like if there is just one more iota of pressure asserted on me, I will just flip out.  Well, maybe not as much as this guy:

Here’s to the Mental Break

Thank you, that is all.


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Recently, my wife and I have been blessed with a wonderful baby boy.  Also, in the past few weeks I have been promoted at work, adding a lot more workload and responsibilities.  Couple all that with the fact that my wife and I are moving into a house from our apartment at the end of May, and what you get is what I like to call the Stress Cocktail. 

Now this drink is very potent, and lends a hand in me becoming a complete a**hole at a moments notice.

This morning, my wife’s parents (who have been kind enough to watch our little man while we are at work) said that they cannot watch the baby tomorrow, and wanted me to ask my parents if they were available instead.  Seems harmless, right?  Wrong.  Instead of just letting it go, I decided to start a verbal war with my wife while driving her to work, which ended when she got out, and slammed the car door, and I sped away in great haste.  This is not normal for either of us, and also caused the car to get stressed out.  I love my wife very much, and I called her when I got to work, to say I was sorry, and things are back to normal.  (well, as normal as they can get with a new baby)  So I decided to write this formal apology and tell my wife: 

Lori,  you are the love of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without you.  I am so sorry that I blew a simple situation out of proportion.  I am very stressed out with everything right now, and I should not have taken it out on you.  I apologize.  You are too good of a person to have to deal with my behavior this morning.  I love you.


With all that said, I hope all my readers have a great day, and don’t drink any of my cocktails today.  Life is too short and way too precious to waste getting mad, and fighting with loved ones.




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