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The Worst Fans: Georgia?

Personally, the worst fans for me have always been LSU and Arkansas fans.

LSU fans are just plain rude. Practically criminal.

Arkansas fans, are crazy. You have 50% of them who are your normal average every day fan. The other 50% are liable to hire an airplane with your name on it. Or run you out of town. Or subpoena your cellphone records.

However Georgia fans…can be…special.  Very special.

You know its bad when the school President asks the fan base to behave. So bad in fact that the school has even threatened to revoke ticket privileges.

Having only been to a handful of Georgia games I can’t vouch for UGA games and while I have nothing but disdain for UGA I love my quasi home state. However, I’ll also be the first to say that most Georgians are…passionate…of their causes.

All of this said I’m seeing more and more remarks that the Georgia fan base is..shall we say…uncouth? rude?

It for sure doesn’t help your case when other countries find you to be a rude fan base.

So help me out here Georgia fans. What do you think?

Rude? Passionate? Uncouth? All the Above?

Georgia Fans

UGA Fans are a funny bunch.

Without a doubt, probably one of the most frightening fan bases around.

Why just look at last years graduation!

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Georgia Vs. Arkansas

You couldn’t have picked a worse year for us to play Arkansas on the third game of the season….

I usually have very good faith in our team, but this year – 2 things stand out to me in Saturday’s game:

More after the jump…..

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WTF, over…


This weekend I watched a pitiful display.  It was the Georgia game….I’m not sure who played, but it wasn’t our team.

I’m not one for bashing my own team, but I will criticize when necessary.   And it is necessary.

We had no defense:  SC literally ran all over us, and drug our men across the first down lines.  They had one player that was totally unstoppable.  Did we compensate??  Maybe beef up his coverage?? NO.   We let him drag us around like rag dolls…

We had no offense:  SC had a wall of defense, and were immovable.  Did we compensate?? NO.  We kept trying to drive down the middle, right through the wall.  Should we have tried more passing?? Yes, did we? NO

We had no passing game:  Receivers?  Yea right, the only capable receiver we have has been benched for 4 games.  Enough about that, but did anyone step up?  NO.  Just keep trying the same receiver who drops the ball, and cannot get open.

Anything positive about the team?? Yes: Special teams did very well, mostly due to the fact that we had to punt on every single possession.

In conclusion: Try something new Georgia, what you did all game Saturday is inexcusable!  You are going to have to work harder, and try more unique plays, you are without your number one receiver, and you have to adapt!


It’s that time again…

Everyone has their own interpretation of what the Big Game is, well here at Registered Evil, we have our own Big Game….

Tennessee Vs. Georgia

And in great anticipation of this, I have launched a poll on who our readers think will win.  You will find the poll in the right hand column of this page, so get your battle faces on, and Vote for your choice!

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For my Dawg Fans

Here is a little wallpaper I created,

Use, Share, Enjoy!

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UGA 2010 Schedule

Time to get Ramped Up!

58 Days and Counting!!

Here We GO!!!

Below is the UGA Bulldogs 2010 schedule:

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Dead Soldiers……Who Cares……

I’ll tell you who doesn’t care…..the so called “president”. 

Could he be the first president who did not attend the Memorial Day Service at Arlington?  I think so….

Even looking back at the last 2 presidents, Clinton went to all 8 services in his presidency, Bush went to 7 of the 8, and he did not attend one because he was at another ceremony in France honouring D-Day Vets.  What really amazes me, is the fact that this is his second vacation just since the oil spill….that’s 2, count them, 2 vacations in just over a month?  WTF!?  and this is only his first year in office.  To me, this is total BS, and a complete lack of respect for this great nation, and the soldiers who bravely died so that we could enjoy freedom.  Mr. President, have fun shucking your duties, and ignoring the American people.  Hell, that’s what you have been doing so far, why should this surprise us.  I hope you have a rotten, crappy, miserable vacation.  Maybe if you get food poisoning, you might have a taste of what the people of this country are feeling because of your ignorance.









“Ask me about my wiener”!

This is what "deep thought" looks like.

This is what "deep thought" looks like.

As much as I love UGA, its getting hard to say that I support this team.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a die-hard fan, but the latest news out of Athens has me wondering.

1)  WTF were the 4 alleged players doing with bratwurst at 2:00am…

2)  Where did said bratwurst come from…

3)  What are the college students doing with a sex swing in their dorm…

4)  Why would you “threaten” someone with a sex swing…


Here is the link to the actual police report that has the actual account of the incedent.  Wait, I have one more question:


5)  Why didn’t the “victims” ask the taxi driver to stop???


"Don't slap me, I just want a little bite!"

"Don't slap me, I just want a little bite!"



I’ve got Irish blood in me too, daddy!

Here is a picture of my little man, Gavin Lucio, with his first Build-A-Bear and his “My First St Patricks Day” shirt!

This bear is tryin to tell me something, I just know it...

This bear is tryin to tell me something, I just know it...





The Fulmer Cup has gone far, far too long without an update. The Big Board is brought to you shiny and updated courtesy of Brian, whom you may recall as the man whose genitals are huge enough to recall the enormous donkey-rope of Reggie Nelson himself. Tabulations and justifications follow.fulmercup_medium

New Author

Welcome V00d3w to the ®Evil clan.

Vood3w, Calimus and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back, to the late 1980’s.

We only recently made contact with him again, and we’re glad to know he’s alive, well and back in the fold as it were.

As such he and I have spent almost every day chit chatting via instant messenger, found our we really have not changed a lot in the 10 years we had not seen each other. We both have had our demons, we both have moved on, and we all still think about on the same lines.

With that in mind, his only flaw is his love for the Georgia Bull Dogs.

Oh well, no one is perfect :)

Give a welcome if you would, to a very old friend of mine!

Radio Intercepts
  • photo from Tumblr


    Did i go Overboard? My coworker picked up some tilted barn, and a vintage bottle for me, Trillium had a release today , and my tavour order arrived.. i guess im full.

    Can never go overboard with good booze!


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    So it was this holiday…..


  • photo from Tumblr

    Hands down my favorite Mexico cerveza. Colombe Smoked Black IPA


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