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Rocky Top Tennessee 2013 now available!

Thats right folks.

On a happier note you can now order Rocky Top Tennessee – The Magazine! 2013 edition!

Featuring articles by the likes of Brad Shepard, Will Shelton, the rest of the gang from including yours truly!

You better hurry, cuz I hear they are going fast!


Live at RockyTopTalk

Courtesy of RockyTopTalk we’re getting ready to go live!

Tonights Podcast will be featuring the headliners of Rocky Top Talk: Joel, and Will.

Special Guests include:

We’ll be covering the recent acquisition by University of Tennessee former Missouri State University Bears coach Cuonzo Martin. We’ll also be going over the Lady Vols end of season.

So should be a great evening!

Starting gunshot

As I alluded to earlier I’ll be away most of this morning.

Going to be a very busy day from the onset. I’ll announce the results as soon as I have them. As the esteemed Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, ‘Always do what you are afraid to do.’”. Thusly today I go forth to do what I have been afraid to do thus far.

Meanwhile don’t forget to join me tonight via the RockyTopTalk Podcast as we talk Missouri State University and University of Tennessee Basketball, coaches and other points of interest.

Ya’ll be good, and try not to spill anything on the carpet will ya?

Live from Missouri it’s….


Well actually it’s some infamous blogger who just happens to blog about sports occasionally and the guys of RockyTopTalk!

Yes, friends it seems my part time gig at RockyTopTalk just got pushed to center stage thanks to my even more recent affiliation with Missouri State University.

Or more precisely since University of Tennessee hired away MSU’s Basketball coach Cuonzo Martin, I’ve been asked to toss some information regarding our adventures in Basketball etc out here in Bear-land.

Many thanks to Joel for the opportunity, and as this will be my first live PodCast with a studio crew I’ll try not to embarrass myself, our few but loyal reader base here at RegisteredEvil or the Bears

You will be able to listen in via the PodCast on Wednesday at 21:00 EST, 20:00 CST Right Here

GMAT: My quest for an MBA

Anyone taking business in school should have heard of the GMAT. If you haven’t then your counselors and advisers are not doing you any favors.

I’m wrapping up my Bachelors of Science in Management. Looks like I’ll be done by roughly July or August of this year depending on how the classes fall.

I have some serious planning, studying and decisions to make between now and then.
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Tennessee Volunteers: Nostros Loco!

Going off the rails on the crazy train...

Thanks to danmarcel of Rocky Top Talk for the GIF!

Two games.

Over 50 points a game.

Absolutely crazy given the utter tromping we have taken from such opponents as Oregon, and Georgia just to name a few.
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Ala-damn-bama Jokes

You gotta have’em.

Anyone living in Georgia has a million them.

Like the infamous Alabama-Georgia border war. Alabama threw a bunch of grenades over the state line. We pulled the pins and threw’em back.

Here’s a few I’ve collected over the years. Fair warning, some of’em ain’t exactly politically correct :)

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Tenn vs Georgia: The Countdown Begins

Here it is folks. The moment we have all be waiting for. Who will sing what? Will I end up singing Glory Glory? Or will v00d3w have to cough up a version of Rocky Top? In just a few hours, the answer will be known.

When I did my first video yesterday I wasn’t really satisfied with it.

While I am far from being the Ridley Scott of Internet video’s, I do take some pride in my work, and I want it to be at least semi enjoyable to watch. It is hard to come up with video’s however when most of your clips are having to be used over and over. Contrary to popular belief there is not a wealth of footage thats usable. Once you convert it loses some of the image, when when it gets converted again it loses so more, and it doesn’t take long to become a blur instead of a nice crisp video.

That said, I felt I had to do a better job on the video. The first one, just was not up to par with what I wanted.

So here is the new video, and I hope a good improvement upon the last.

Side note if anyone has some video footage from Tennessee games they would like to share, please drop me a line at staff -at-


Tennessee vs Georgia 2010 Motivational Vid

Kept this one short, Sweet and to the point!



Tennessee Drive

Look Out Dawg!...Comin' Through!

Tennessee Owns Georgia

Nuff Said.

Tennessee vs Geogia: A Military Confrontation

How is that you say? Tennessee obviously has some military traditions. Their football team was once commanded by a General. The dragoon uniform worn by Tennessee regulars during the Mexican War is the current uniform worn by the color guard at UT Knoxville athletic events.

But how in the world does Georgia fit in to this equation?

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Tennessee vs Oregon Prepper

Tomorrow of course we play Oregon.

Full disclosure:

While trapped in the far away lands of Ft Lewis and Spokane for several years, watching Tennessee play was as easy as trying to find your contact in a bar on St. Patricks Day. Don’t ask me how I know this. So more often than not I would watch the Ducks. Because quite frankly I detested Washington, therefor I did not want to root for the Huskies, Oregons uniforms were cooler and frankly anyone who can say they are Addicted to Quack has got to be cool.

I don’t expect us to win this game. I do expect us to fight like hell to win it. So With that in mind:
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It’s that time again…

Everyone has their own interpretation of what the Big Game is, well here at Registered Evil, we have our own Big Game….

Tennessee Vs. Georgia

And in great anticipation of this, I have launched a poll on who our readers think will win.  You will find the poll in the right hand column of this page, so get your battle faces on, and Vote for your choice!

[poll id=”3″]

Football in the Air….and the sound..

…Of the University of Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland Band.

I’ve admitted before I was a marching band nerd.

Maybe its just me, but nothing spells college football to me quite like a Marching Band.

keep your hot dogs. Keep your tail gate. When I hear the drum cadence start,and the brass blare for me it is football time in Tennessee.

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It’s Great! To be! a Tennessee Vol!

Ya’ll know I love my Vols.

You also know I love the fella’s over at Rocky Top Talk.

Well they recently sent out a quest for volunteers to give them a hand and you know I had to throw my name in that hat figuring “Hell, why not.”

And as Eric would say, rubberneckers let me tell you I was selected. I guess they figured they could not get a more Vol obsessed lunatic, even if he lives in another state. But whatever the reason I am honored.

Now I ain’t doing anything huge. I’m doing a very small thing over there. Just watching for leads for the main writers, but its still awesome just the same. These fella’s are the know-all’s of Knoxville insofar as I am concerned. The most calm, rational and straight forward reporting you get out of the area.

So a chance to work with them, even as tiny as what I’ll be doing, is very cool.

So keep yer eyes peeled over at RTT folks. I’ll be cross posting stuff here as I always do, but I’m happy to say they are letting me be part of the show.

Kiffin is…


Vengeance is mine, so sayeth Google.

H/t Will of Rocky Top Talk

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Trapped at Work? Vols vs Tigers Online

If your trapped at work, you can catch the game with a group of us at Rocky Top Talk.

Also there are links to the Games Internet Broadcast, Audio and Internet Live Stats (A quiet, low key way to keep track of the game without disturbing your co-workers. ……….who the hell cares what they think ITS THE VOLS!!!!! :) )

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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