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Lions Den

So Washington D.C., if you listen to any of the current media over the last 48 hours is in flames.

While I’m sure its no picnic I doubt its as bad as the media makes it out. Or at least I had better hope so as I will be there in the middle of it, almost literally in 48 hours.

It was a madhouse right after the election back in November. This time doesn’t look to fare better. I had to create and send a safety plan to my project team describing actions to take for their personal safety as well as our corporate assets and vendors. Not the way I wanted to spend my weekend. But a necessary action just the same. never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups as the saying goes.


For myself, its all moot. No matter what ones position is political Trump was elected by the laws of our country.

In the Army we salute the rank, not the man. The Presidency is no different in my opinion.

If one can’t respect the person, then respect the office.

That’s the position I have taken for over 20 years. So for me anyway, not much has changed.  Suck it up buttercup, and move out smartly.

For the rest of us who aren’t car bombing limo’s and trashing private property, we have work to do.

As far as I am concerned once you lose your professional bearing in attempting to communicate a message, you have lost the debate.


One More. Maybe

What I hope is my last trip of the year comes up shortly. Is supposed to be a short and sweet one, but it has the possibility of becoming a multi destination all week journey.

It’s back to Washington D.C. again, however I have to be honest I am not looking forward to the trip. As I get older I find I dislike large cities more and more. Where once I could tolerate them, and enjoy passing in to the lives of other for a brief wistful moment, find colour and joy in little things like leaves of trees on a city street or sidewalk cafe conversation…now it all just annoys me.

I’d rather be home, in the quiet, without the hustle, without the crowds and people. Man may be a social creature but i wasn’t part of the survey. My idea of social is a very small amount of freinds over a nice adult beverage talking about what have you. Not a cacophony of sirens, people, arguments, begging, lack of personal space, and degeneration of human civility.

I have lived in several large cities in my time, and travels. Seattle, Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas to name a few. Now I find myself wondering how the hell I ever did it.

I always take the last 2 to 3 weeks of the year off as vacation, and I am doing so again. Let the movers and shakers earn their keep, prove their worth, and value. I’ve spent over 110 days on the road this year, alone.

Me, I’d rather spend time with my family, and my dogs over a special holiday season.

Another step forward

Been a red letter week around here.

I got back from Washington D.C. late last week, but just in time to help my wife plan our daughters first real birthday party with people who weren’t family.

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Winter is coming


For most folks it’s a TV show meme

For me its more of a statement of fact heralding back to the early years of our country. A reminder to prepare in the way we do every year here at my home place, off the beaten path.

We spent yesterday splitting firewood as you can see via the Twitter account. We still have a long way to go. Fire for us isn’t a cutesy thing we snuggle around for fun and romance (although it can be), it’s our primary heat source. So the work we do in preparing for winter is serious business. Failure to do it, failure to make time and get the cutting of food and other items we do such as prepping our garden for winter, checking house seals, and prepping out winter gear like chains, snow chains, de-icers etc can impact our long term ability to get to our jobs, stay warm or grow food.

It’s part of the price we pay trying to move to a off grid life style. Maybe it’s crazy. But it gives us reason to get up each day and we spend a lot more time together as a family.

That alone makes it worth it.


Return of the Road Warrior

Think I’m growing feathers.

Was in Washington DC at the beginning of this week. I fly international Sunday. The following week I am back in Atlanta. Then I will either be back in DC or back International. It’s anyone’s guess. Either way keep an eye peeled on the Twitter and Tumblr accounts linked here on the main page as you may get a chance to see some cool places, cocktails and things in the coming days.

I’m trying to find time to wrap up my prospectus but it seems like everytime I sit down to work on it I either fall asleep or the phone rings. My intent right now is to spend some time finishing it on the plane this Sunday since I will be in the air about 13 hours.

Surely I can can get it and my references in to APA in that amount of time.

Otherwise the grind has been in full affect. I had my knee surgery last week, and of course in typical me form had to set off for DC at the start of this week. So I am limping along without any grace whatsoever, completeing the look of an overweight, broken American brought down by his size (although I actually injured the knee on the job). Oh, well.

Got to sit down and shoot the bull with my chair again this week which was good. Is also why I intend to spend Sunday running this thing down.

I start the first of my last 9000 series classes on Monday. I only have 5 of them in theory, but in practice I will be taking the 9000 series until my dissertation is done no matter if its 5 or 25. Granted I want it done in 5, the school wants it done in 5, so that means my already very busy year is about to get a whole lot busier.

Feast or famine around these parts.

A month, a day?

Cant believe its been almost a month since my last post. It seems like yesterday.

If you have been watching the Tumblr account embdeded in the main page you know I have been busy (and thirsty!). Went to Atlanta, followed by a trip to Washington DC. I will be making several more trips to both before the year is out currently by the way the land lays.

Had a change at work, and now I finally have some help. Won’t do me much good in the short term but in about 13 or 14 months I may not have to travel the way I have been.  Thats very good news.

Meantime I have to try to train the new guys and teach thm what I know. That could prove interesting.

Still grinding

So as I mentioned earlier my classes for the semester are almost over. In fact this is the last week. I will get a week off, which frankly will be nice, and then I start my last college class I will take. From here on its all research and trying to write a thesis that meets APA and everyone else’s requirements.

So if updates are slow this week, that’s the reason why. I’m just  trying to get through my finals for the week while maintaining my sanity and keeping my job.

Finally getting to kick off my project in Indiana, so I am looking forward to seeing how it will develop. I am also still working with my management to develop a team of people who do what I do. Its nice being the guy in the box but for the last 5 years all I have done is trail blaze, and truth be told its tiring.

Having a team will help. Even then, it will be a year or more before they can get their feet under them well enough to manage on their own.

For now I just need to make it through the week, however.



Spent the last several days sick as a dog. When I first got to CLT I couldnt hold my head up. Yesterday was first day of really feeling almost normal, but after several nights of medicinal induced sleep I couldn’t pass out last night. Don’t know if it works that way for everyone but for as long as I can remember if I take something to go to sleep, if I dont take it the next night I struggle with going.

End result? I got about 4 hours sleep last night and I have a long day ahead. I’d complain but frankly I’ve been working between 60 and 70 hours every week since August short of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The project I’m on has been a ball buster, but the primary portion is nearly complete. Which means my travel schedule will relax soon and I can spend some time at home. I will stil be travelling until at least June if not July, butnot as much as I have

Have a busy year between residency for school and my reunion. Not sure how I am going to juggle all this.


To Do list a mile long

Today is another busy day. I actually have to go to my office that I haven’t seen in the last month. I have to take care of my expenses there before my corporate card becomes personal debt.

Also I have to conduct two interviews today, both are for school and are part of a small scale project that is to mimic my dissertation.

I’m doing whats called a phenomenological study, or rather a study of the lived experiences of individuals in this information technology project managers. So I have a very small battery of questions to ask them and get their opinions, thoughts and verbal discourse of their experiences.

I have to record these interviews with the aforementioned digital recorder. Then I get to go home and transcribe all of it in to MS Word. Good times.

Thank god I have my own bar at home.

An Dun: The Hill Fort

Nestled within the Seven Valley region of Southwest Missouri, lies the home that was voted to be called An Dun.

It’s a work in progress. We’re still unpacking in fact, a slow and tedious process with our work and school schedules.

Since procuring the home place, we have painted the entire interior of the house. I have also discovered a lot of water damage that I have been working feverishly to repair. New doors. New carpet. New fridge.

New start.

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2011 Stinks: The first Monday.

I worked all weekend. Pretty much everyday since December 17th I have worked.

But the first Monday of the New Year has been an absolute crap sandwich.


I get to work and login to our HR system to schedule some much needed time off. I have a Dental appointment tomorrow, a VA Doctor appointment on the 21st and a court date for a minor traffic citation on the 28th. Figured I’d use some of the held over vakay time to get paid for those days. I had almost 20 hours of vacation time that rolled over from last year, so I should be fine.

Key word: Had.

Apparently they changed our HR system last night, and all of my vacation time vanished.
All of my sick time vanished too.
My benefits? Gone. No deductions scheduled.

My paycheck is short by $200 which has put our first of the month bills, like my house payment, in to a tail spin.

Some wog in Wisconsin is advertising a wedding ballroom for rent…using my 1-800 number. I have gotten 13 calls in the last two hours from people wanting to reserve the ballroom.

To make it all even more untenable, there is no coffee and thanks to the payroll screw up I can’t buy any myself.

The first Monday of 2011 is not off to a good start, and frankly I’m already ready to go back to 2010 or to start 2012 after today.

Quote of the Day, October 8, 2010: TGIF Edition!

Yes Brothers and Sisters!
It is here! In 8 hours and counting the work week is over!

We got to push on through! We got to stand tall! We got to close out this week and awake tommorow to a new day! A New Beginning!

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.

Dr. David M. Burns

And of course we have to wake tomorrow to Tennessee versus Georgia! It’s a big weekend!
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It’s like that.

Command Post

This is where I keep tabs on the slimy Liberals, and where I write my posts.  This is also where I ensure that none of Barak Husein Obama’s lies go un-noticed, and where I keep the news (that the liberal media doesn’t want you to hear) flowing for all to see.  This is where I hold ALL public officials accountable for their actions…….

My Command Post. (a.k.a. my office) Win7, Vista, and Linux working seamlessly...

…….oh yea, it’s also where I work.


Sure is quiet….

If any of you out there currently, or formerly have worked in an office environment you know of the anomally I am writing about.  It starts just about 1:00pm.  Maybe the boss decides to start the weekend off a little early, and he says he is going home for the day. 

Soon after that, the giggling, and perhaps usual office horseplay ensues, like today – a couple guys started throwing the football across the half-wall cubicles that encompass the office floor. 

Its around 2:00pm now, and I see some of the sales people start to slip out with thier lunch bags, and computer cases.  I still have some work to do, so I watch all this with amazement (like it doesn’t happen every Friday) but today it seems like a topic to blab about. 

3:00pm hits now and I look up from my work to notice that the outer loop offices (those of the big wigs, the ofices with actual walls and doors) are 90% empty, and all the lights in them are off.  “I wonder how they all managed to slip out without me noticing them?” I say

Like the priceless, and perhaps hardest working employee in my pay grade, I continue to work, and I hope that someone notices that I am still hard at work, and maybe in Mondays conversation, one big wig says to another, “hey I saw the new IT guy working late last Friday”

Its now 4:12pm – in the distance a lone printer rattles off some copy –

Alas, someone is still here, and they are currently printing, its just one of the sales people printing our directions to somewhere.

4:14pm…… Wait a sec…..I’m the only one here…..There’s not even a secretary here now…..WTF am I still doing here writing a post…..

4:15pm…… I pack my stuff and head home….. because what good is extra work done, if no one knows about it but me, none of my work has a time stamp on it, and I don’t really use a standard time sheet, my eight hours is just assumed….and my daily workload is over average, so, I’m gettin the hell outa here….




Another Day, another dollar

I have not quite recovered from the last year, I think.

I’m almost done with my first month on my new job, and the stress level is so minimal I have a hard time staying awake quite honestly.

Actually I have that problem pretty much everywhere. I just feel exhausted 24 hours a day. I’m still working out every morning. I get up at 5 am, work out until about 5:30. Grab a shower, a cup of coffee and a fast breakfast. On the road by 06:30 and at work around 07:30.

I get home about 18:30 or so because I have to pick up the Critter from daycare, which of course is almost 45 miles south of my job.

I would think I would have much more energy, but the fact is that by 21:00 I can barely keep my eyes open.

I crash like a dead man. It’s like some huge weight has been pulled from my shoulders and I can finally rest.

On the opposite of this I have yet to spend a quite weekend at home. Pretty much every weekend has been chock full of something or things needing doing. This weekend is no different as I finally get a chance to take all of our Christmas decorations to storage.

Between work, school, and my long overdue “Honey-Do” list, it seems I have very little time to relax and enjoy just being at home.

It’s enough to make me pray for a snow storm.

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